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Boost your productivity potential with Ayoa’s powerful blend of mind mapping and task management, designed to enhance both individual and team performance!

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Ayoa is a fully inclusive tool. If you are in the UK, and have a neurological difference such as Dyslexia, ADHD, or Autism, Ayoa is available through a Government funded Access to Work scheme.

uncover your best ideas

Mind mapping

Ayoa’s mind-mapping technology transforms your thoughts into a structured visual format. This makes it easier to organise ideas and tackle them one at a time. Ayoa isn’t just another tool—it’s your gateway to clearer thinking and more effective meetings..

Develop Ideas and Present with Impact

Choose to create ideas solo with our focused mind mapping tool, keeping your early ideas private until they’re ready to shine.

Grab your team’s attention with Ayoa’s step-by-step mind map presentation feature, ensuring every idea gets noticed.

Mind Map functions in Ayoa



The World’s First AI Mind Maps Taken to a Whole New Level!

Our AI tool makes starting your projects quick and easy – just ask the AI questions and you’ll get answers that you can add to your mind maps.

  • No more blank page syndrome – get projects started with our AI
  • Ask our AI questions and expand knowledge
  • Clearly visualise ideas in a mind map
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Task Management

Never miss a deadline again! Get a quick overview of your tasks and deadlines by setting start and due dates, adding milestones, and tracking your progress—all in a simple, visual timeline format.

Fed up with the endless monotony of lists and spreadsheets? Elevate your project management game with our colorful array of visual boards, designed to inject life and efficiency into your workflow.

Ayoa's task management
Ayoa Online Collaborative Whiteboard


Hosting a meeting or launching a project? Our online collaborative whiteboard has got you covered.

Designed for collaboration, it’s the perfect tool for ideation, analysing ideas, and creating actionable plans. Start from scratch or pick from our array of templates to dive right in and get things moving.



Learn How Different Industries and Roles Benefit from Ayoa


uncover your best ideas

Integrating seamlessly with your daily tools

Ayoa integrations make teaming up with your go-to services a breeze, so you can work smarter and get more done, hassle-free.



And that’s not all…

Idea bank

Idea bank

Capture your initial ideas and drag them into your mind map as branches later

Completed view

Archived view

Look back at your achievements and track performance

Due dates

Due dates

Manage your priorities and get more done in less time

Filter tasks

Filter tasks

Filter by assignee, keywords and more, to only see the things you want to see. Manage your priorities and get more done in less time

Daily summary email

Daily summary email

Review upcoming deadlines and see what you should be working on today

Safe & Secure

Your Ayoa data is safe & secure

SSL Encryption, SSO, PCI Compliance; hosted on AWS. Visit to find out more.

Share responsibility

Share task responsibility

Assign teammates to tasks for quick and clear delegation

Sync across devices

Sync across your devices

Stay connected as changes to Ayoa update automatically




Hudson profile image

Hudson Architects

Architectural Practice

Case study

“DropTask’s (Ayoa’s) visual style not only made it very easy to explain to everyone how it worked and why we should have it, but it also made all our staff enthusiastic to start entering their own work.”

Jeffrey Loosli profile image

Jeffrey Loosli

HR Specialist

Case study

“My team really enjoy using [Ayoa] and are constantly amazed at what new ideas the [Ayoa] team are coming up with. We simply love the visuals of [Ayoa] because you can instantly see where things are in relation to each other.”

HP profile image

Mark Pohlmann

Project Manager

Case study

“[Ayoa] designs a picture for me to view work status. This makes collaboration so much easier as people can report what they want during the day, resulting in fewer phone calls, less paperwork (with information the team need to hand to me), and no to-do ‘lists’.”

Tim Barnett profile image

Tim Barnett

Sales Director

Case study

“I first came to Ayoa looking for a management tool – the visual nature of Ayoa makes it perfect for senior staff looking to see how their teams are working at a glance. What I like about Ayoa is that it’s easy to use, visual and flexible.”



Video guides

Find out more about how Ayoa can support in all areas of the workplace

Discover Ayoa: The smarter way to work


Intuitive Mind Mapping


Unlimited creativity | Maps in Maps


Tailoring AI to your Specific Needs




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