How does Ayoa help support employees in the workplace?

It’s estimated that 1 in 7 people have a neurological difference. Ayoa serves as an all-in-one tool for employees in the workplace, seamlessly integrating mind mapping, project planning, task management to increase collaborative work, providing a solution to enhance organisational skills and productivity throughout all employees.



Benefits of a neuro-inclusive workforce

A safe work culture which supports variation in thinking makes a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion – a benefit for employees, businesses and people everywhere throughout society.

Within workplaces specifically, fostering neurodiversity provides further positives which are crucial for modern companies. From improving employee morale to boost retention, to stimulating innovation and productivity to keep ahead of competition, proactively supporting neurodiversity in work can be revolutionary for businesses.

Explore these benefits for yourself in our mind map, a format loved by neurodivergent brains.

A mind map with a yellow background illustrating the benefits of a neuro-inclusive workforce.

Gaining balance through spiky profiles

Employing neurodivergent individuals not only brings unique strengths like attention to detail, persistence and pattern detecting into companies, it also contributes to broader team dynamics. As neurodivergent individuals typically present “spiky profiles” when it comes to personal strengths and areas for development, neurodiverse businesses can forge a balanced team, employing people in areas where they excel and complement one another.

A graph demonstrating the spiky profile of a neurodivergent individual's skills in comparison to a neurotypical profile.
A football pitch with a variety of different brain types on it to represent the value of a balanced team.
Neurodiversity education image



Olivia Raymond

Founder of C-HQ

“Ayoa truly is a game changer because it adapts itself to neurodivergent people in its conception – it is not just an afterthought.”



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Frequently Asked Questions


Ayoa facilitates remote collaboration through integrated features that allow simultaneous editing, efficient task management, and idea sharing among team members, regardless of their location.

Ayoa accommodates various cognitive styles by offering multiple views, including a document mode and a mind map view. These features enable employees to process information in a way that is most efficient and comfortable for them.

The Equality Act 2010 is the latest UK law to provide protection to employees against discrimination. It ensures that any discrimination based on certain protected characteristics – including both visible and invisible disabilities – is against the law.

Importantly, it requires employers to make reasonable adjustments to make sure disabled workers aren’t seriously disadvantaged when doing their jobs. Nottingham University gives a great insight into different reasonable adjustments that can be made for different individuals, for example with autism. Making these adjustments is extremely important, not least when considering that legal firm Fox & Partners have seen a 40% rise in employment tribunals relating to autism, and 14% increase linked to dyslexia in the last year alone.