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Visual thinking and learning in Education:

Hannah Rowley

Hannah Rowley

Primary Level Educator

“Best practice in education is always collaborative.

DropTask (Ayoa) allows me to easily share ideas and resources with my colleagues. Being able to discuss specific tasks within DropTask (Ayoa) has allowed us to step away from long-winded emails and stay focused on what needs to get done.

Tracking task progress in DropTask (Ayoa) has resulted in fewer after-school meetings and everyone feeling a sense of ownership over the work they’re doing. The strength of teamwork that I feel working face-to-face with my team is now mirrored in our online interactions in DropTask (Ayoa).”

By subscribing to Ayoa, you’ll have access to:

  • Unlimited Mind Map creation
    Develop innovative and creative Mind Maps to help plan your lessons, or present a new topic to your class
  • My Planner to organize your workload
    From grading, to parent-teacher conferences – privately prioritize your personal workload
  • View status of work at a glance
    With urgency and importance icons, instantly view progression with simple visual cues
  • A workflow that works for you
    No more stress with easy to manage swimlanes of work
  • Simple reorganization
    Recurring duties are part of life as an educator; quickly duplicate existing tasks at your convenience
Manage your courseload
Manage your courseload
Plan and manage your work in advance
 Always remain on track
Always remain on track
Ayoa updates automatically across devices
Get organized and plan ahead
Get organized and plan ahead
Use dates to ensure your work is submitted on time
Deliver your best work
Deliver your best work
Have everything you need to take your work through to completion

DSA Approved Assistive Software

Ayoa is on the DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) list of approved suppliers for Student Finance England. Click the button below to discover how Mind Mapping can help with dyslexia, from organizing information, to capturing creative ideas.

We also offer all students and educators a discount on all of our annual plans, so you can make the most of Ayoa during your studies.

As a visual project management tool, DropTask (Ayoa) is ideal for getting an overview of my work as a whole. I like to use the checklist function to stay on track and measure my progress for individual tasks.
Mallory Beckemeyer - Program Coordinator, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine
Jeffrey Loosli profile image

Jeffrey Loosli

HR Specialist,
Blaine County School

Case study

“After trialing the free version of DropTask [Ayoa] with my colleagues, we instantly fell in love. We now use DropTask [Ayoa] to keep track of all of the daily and monthly tasks we need to get done. Using DropTask [Ayoa], we have successfully completed the hiring process of 8 new coaches for the school.”

Timothy Butt profile image

Timothy Butt


STEM Primary Educator, Sydney

Case study

“Everything about DropTask [Ayoa] makes it well-suited to the educational sector, [it] has stopped me from trying to do everything at once…I wear many hats in my role of executive teacher, and working in DropTask [Ayoa] enables me to prioritize these many duties.”

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