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Ayoa is a DSA approved supplier. Find out how it supports neurodivergent students.

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How does Ayoa help support students in Education?

By delivering a modern, all-in-one solution for mind mapping, planning assignments, task management, and collaborative work, enhancing their organisational and productivity skills.



Neurodiversity in education

Recognising that neurodiversity is present in 1 in 7 people, it’s essential to tailor our traditional education system to support individuals with specific learning difficulties like ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism. Ayoa, approved by DSA, caters for unique cognitive learning styles and is making strides to foster inclusivity in education.

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Widening participation

Users of Ayoa can share with an unlimited number of free users of the app, establishing it as the most collaborative tool on the market.

  • Simply share mind maps with other students or teachers, in everyone’s individual learning styles, enhancing seamless collaboration on projects.
  • Bridging the gap between neurodivergent and neurotypical students by enabling everyone to collaborate on the same platform but in a unique learning style to them.
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Visual Learning

Promotes visual learning

Visual learning plays a pivotal role in processing information and stimulating creativity since 70-90% of the data our brains receive is visual.

  • Arrange ideas visually across mind maps, task boards and whiteboards with added videos, images and files.
  • Visual indicators on tasks, such as urgency and importance tags.
  • AI-powered idea generation to support you getting started with a visual mind map.

Flexible approach for all

Ayoa is a fully collaborative, all-in-one tool designed for everyone, from individuals to teams, enabling all to work effectively in the manner best suited to them.

  • Easily choose and switch between multiple unique mind map styles to aid your thinking and task board styles to suit your working preference.
  • Speed keys available for keyboard navigation and control.
  • Provide comments on work and set tasks or reminders for peers.
A flexible approach
Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions

Ayoa’s user-friendly design supports decluttering and organising your work effortlessly, effectively eliminating distractions and increasing focus.

  • Show/hide information on mind maps to reduce distractions.
  • Use handy tabs within tasks to break down complex information, such as notes, checklists and more.
  • Change the background colours of mind maps and boards for easy reading.
  • Use our AI integration to prompt ideas and thinking to increase engagement and focus.


Hannah Rowley, Primary Level Educator Quote icon

Best practice in education is always collaborative. Ayoa allows me to easily share ideas and resources with my colleagues. Being able to discuss specific tasks within Ayoa has allowed us to step away from long-winded emails and stay focused on what needs to get done. The strength of teamwork that I feel working face-to-face with my team is now mirrored in our online interactions in Ayoa.

Hannah Rowley, Primary Level Educator



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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Ayoa is indeed a crucial tool for students with specific learning difficulties, catering effectively to varied learning styles and needs including ADHD, Dyslexia & Autism. As a DSA (Disabled Students Allowances) approved platform, Ayoa is recognised as a valuable resource for enhancing the learning experience of students with disabilities.

This approval affirms that Ayoa can significantly support students in various ways. Our platform is optimally designed to help students maintain focus by presenting tasks and information in a visually structured and simple format. Our all-in-one solution is instrumental in reducing cognitive overload from task switching, which can often pose a challenge for students with specific learning difficulties.

Additionally, Ayoa is designed to alleviate anxiety, a common concern for students. By offering clear, organised visual tools for collaboration in group work, task management and mind mapping, Ayoa allows students to break down complex assignments into manageable parts. This effective approach can significantly reduce anxiety associated with workload and deadlines.

Yes, Ayoa is DSA approved and you can find more information about how Ayoa DSA can support students with planning, mind mapping, task management whilst reducing cognitive overload and overwhelm as well as reducing anxiety and other features. Visit our DSA page for further information.

Teachers can use Ayoa for lesson planning by creating visual mind maps for the lesson outline. Through Ayoa, educators can manage tasks related to lesson preparation, and use it as a collaboration tool with other teachers or students. Ayoa’s pre-made templates simplify planning, and its free version allows teachers to involve students directly, promoting an interactive learning environment.

Ayoa can help students better organise their study schedules and assignments. They can create separate task boards for each subject, set reminders for due dates, and break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable parts.