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Ayoa Modern Mind Mapping

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Helping 1000’s of institutions to bring thoughts and ideas to life

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Voted #1 productivity tool of 2022 by Success Magazine.


Tim Barnett Quote icon

The option to see work data visually or in linear columns is a very powerful feature, in fact it’s critical. What I like about Ayoa is that it’s easy to use, visual and flexible.

Tim Barnett, Sales Director, Educ8



Struggle to Get Projects Started?

Don’t let blank page syndrome hold you back! Whether it’s kicking off your next essay or organising a major project, starting can be the hardest part.

Begin with confidence

  • Ai integration to prompt thinking
  • Idea bank to save ideas
  • Templates to get started
Get started
Ayoa's Idea Bank and Audio Notes
Developing ideas with Ayoa

Feel Overwhelmed by Too Much Information?

Make sense of the chaos with Ayoa. After collecting your notes, research, and feedback, piecing them together can be overwhelming.

Organise and clarify

  • Connect content and pictures in a visual, non-linear way
  • Auto focus to keep mind maps clear
Organise your thoughts

Need to Turn Thoughts into Action?

Transform your mind map into a document or presentation effortlessly. Our powerful task management features help you stay organised and ensure you never miss a deadline.

Deadlines made easy

  • Task management with reminders
  • Document view for long text
  • Presentation tools
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Task management in Ayoa


CBS News

“The most unique twist on task management I’ve ever seen”


“Visually-oriented people – this layout boosts productivity”


“Turns your tasks into an awesome venn diagram”


“A more intuitive way to manage workloads”



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Ayoa is reshaping education and workplace productivity with seamless collaboration, ideation, and task management with our all-in-one mind-mapping tool!



Endless ways to use Ayoa

Mind maps

Mind Mapping is proven to boost productivity, creativity and memory. Grow ideas, structure information, and see the whole picture.

How to use mind maps


Ayoa's Unrivalled mind mapping


Use whiteboards for freeform thinking or to create content dashboards. Add post-it notes, images, flowcharts, links, videos and more.

How to use whiteboards


Ayoa's powerful whiteboard view


Got an essay or report deadline? Take your ideas, visual mind maps and our new Outline & Document View will organise them in a linear structure for you; enhancing the ease of document creation. View your ideas in a clear, systematic format which is simple to follow. Projects or long form writing has never been easier!

Ayoa's outline document view


Inspired by the traditional Kanban board, this visual task board view lets you manage your projects and workflows in a clear, linear way.

How to use workflow


Ayoa's kanban workflow

Gantt timeline

Working on a project with multiple milestones? View your tasks in clear and easily adaptable Gantt timeline mode.

How to use gantt timeline


Ayoa's gantt project management view



Empowering Learners, Educators, and Professionals Worldwide

Michael Leibe Quote icon

After using various apps that have the features of Ayoa separately, finding one that encompasses all the features in one place has just been fantastic..

Michael Leibe, ADHD Coach

Katrina Cochrane Quote icon

I love how the product is so Dyslexia Friendly – the ability to use different fonts, background colours etc make it so accessible for those with an SpLD, including dyslexia.

Katrina Cochrane, Founder of Positive Dyslexia



Embracing all minds

Embracing All Minds

Diverse ideas discover alternative paths, they break moulds, they lead to breakthroughs. Discover how Ayoa’s neuro-inclusive design makes it a tool which helps different types of people work together to achieve their best work.

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