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Getting started in Ayoa

Discover the basics of using Ayoa’s whiteboards, mind maps and task management features.

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Discover Ayoa Ultimate!

Find out more about the great range of exclusive features that are offered in our Ultimate plan!

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Which plan should I choose?

Learn more about Ayoa’s Basic, Pro and Ultimate plans and see which one is perfect for you!

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Planning your day with Ayoa

Always know what needs to be done by managing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks in Ayoa.

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Ayoa hacks: time saving tips

Discover our top tips and tricks for using Ayoa to save time when planning and organizing your work!

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A guide to mind mapping

Discover how to create visually inspiring and informative mind maps in Ayoa.

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How to use task boards

Discover different ways to use Ayoa task boards to manage projects or your personal to-do list!

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How to use whiteboards

Discover how to use whiteboards to brainstorm, plan, analyze ideas, manage projects and more.

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My calendar vs. my planner

Discover the different ways you can manage your workload using my planner and my calendar!

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Whiteboards & task boards

Discover how to use online whiteboards alongside task boards to instantly action your ideas.

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Introduction to radial maps

Discover how to brainstorm ideas and achieve your goals with radial maps in Ayoa.

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Tips to onboard your team

Love Ayoa and want to use it with your team? Discover how to help them get started!

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Support a project remotely

Are you a project manager? Discover how to effectively lead and support your team remotely.

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Hosting virtual meetings

Discover how you can use Ayoa to help plan virtual meetings, then put your ideas into action!

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Teach and learn with Ayoa

Discover how educators can use Ayoa to easily develop lesson plans and deliver classes remotely.

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Work more flexibly with Ayoa

Discover how Ayoa can help distributed teams stay connected as they work from various locations.

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Present your ideas with Ayoa

Discover how to use Ayoa’s different presentation features to easily share your ideas with others!


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