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Task management for real achievements

Start achieving your goals with Ayoa. Generate ideas, then track and manage your tasks from start to finish with one creative tool.

Why Ayoa?

Ayoa is the world’s first app to combine Mind Mapping, Chat and Task Management features within just one tool, so teams can finally achieve their every ambition. This powerful software allows you to create, communicate and innovate – all in one place.

We’ve built Ayoa to be much more than just a tool of ideation and task management; it is a whole new way of achieving your goals.


Ayoa's interface

Mind Map your best ideas

Our powerful Mind Mapping transforms the conventional work process. Ideas don’t just come before work, they dictate how successful that work is. Ayoa is intuitively built for teams and individuals to unearth incredible ideas with speed, clarity, and precision.

Do more with your tasks

Keep every task safe and see ongoing work with just a glance at your visual Task Boards. There’s space to prioritize personal to-dos and team projects, plus highly effective tools for time tracking and task accountability. Do good work with Ayoa – and deliver it on time.

Ayoa's different views

Working together in Ayoa

Collaboration for great teamwork

Save time you’d usually spend app-switching and collaborate efficiently with your team with instant messaging, task comments and collaborative Mind Mapping. Have centralized conversations with your team which are productive and in-context by sharing tasks directly within Ayoa Chat.

Don’t just do any work, do the right work, with Ayoa.


Discover more about Ayoa and get ready to discover innovation and productivity on a whole new scale.

Hudson profile image

Hudson Architects

Architectural Practice

Case study

“DropTask’s [Ayoa] visual style not only made it very easy to explain to everyone how it worked and why we should have it, but it also made all our staff enthusiastic to start entering their own work.”

Kylie Ross profile image

Kylie Ross

Creative Entrepreneur

Five stars

“I’m really loving the mix of visual and text and the choice of views. I’ve left my Reminders and Trello behind (sorry), and this is all I use for both my business and personal to-dos. It’s easy and quick to setup and I’m in love.”

HP profile image

Mark Pohlmann

Project Manager

Case study

“DropTask [Ayoa] designs a picture for me to view work status. This makes collaboration so much easier as people can report what they want during the day, resulting in fewer phone calls, less paperwork (with information the team need to hand to me), and no to-do ‘lists’.”

Rich Lovelock profile image

Rich Lovelock

Web Developer

Five stars

“I’ve tried every organisational tool going I think, I’ve not tried something that has so seamlessly fitted in to my workflow with all features I need and more with a beautiful, usable UX, so much so that I subscribed to the business plan within ten minutes. Fantastic job guys.”

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Become a certified trainer

We offer certified courses in Mind Mapping, applied innovation and using Ayoa to its fullest potential. Learn more about our training and consulting services here.