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We are Ayoa, a Software as a Service tool created by world leaders in innovation, OpenGenius.

Do you know what it means to innovate? Really think about this. You’ve probably heard the word “innovation” knocked about in business like it’s an old tennis ball, but the truth is, the meaning behind that word all too often gets lost.

Innovation is not some elusive ability bestowed upon a selected few; it is a skill, a tool – one which takes businesses from being just a dream in a garage to a fully-fledged worldwide brand.

This is where Ayoa comes in. We are the appliers of innovation.

Look, there is a lot we can’t do: we can’t give you a world-conquering business idea, we can’t hire you a team of bright and capable people – we can’t even do your work for you.

But here’s what we can do.

We can give you a tool that takes your dream, your team, your work and provides each of those areas with everything they need to thrive.

We have an incubator for your best ideas, we have the space for meaningful collaboration, we have the first class stamps to deliver your projects on time – and we have all of this in one place.

Innovation can be applied to any kind of work – it can be applied to your work. And that’s our mission, to make innovation mean something to you by making it a part of your process.

OpenGenius are world leaders in innovation

A part of OpenGenius – here’s our story

OpenGenius is a company with vision – one that goes beyond money, that looks to create a network of bright, inspired individuals with the ambition to change the world. We aim to be a source of worldly wisdom; gurus in the cutting edge and the creative.

OpenGenius was founded by Chris Griffiths, a world-leading expert in innovation and Mind Mapping, multi-time entrepreneur and bestselling author. From the outset, Chris’ goal has been to show others how everyday innovation is the lifeblood of success and achievement – learning to use it can change lives and ways of working. It was from this ethos that OpenGenius was born.

Our story started with two software products iMindMap and DropTask, as well as a global creativity and innovation training network. iMindMap and DropTask have been two wonderful tools with equally wonderful payoff. They have – respectively – allowed people to capture incredible ideas and achieve brilliant work, but now, we’ve pushed for more. We have created a tool that is there to help others do, what we do – apply innovation. Enter Ayoa.

As we continue to thrive, grow and expand, you can expect to hear the name “OpenGenius” in relation to some of the most innovative companies in the world, both big and small. We aim to change the fixed and stagnated way people work, without prejudice and always with care. Our solutions have already been used by 1.5 million people worldwide, and our strong client list speaks for itself – teams and individuals from some of the world’s biggest organizations have used OpenGenius’ tools and solutions to grow, improve and innovate.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out so that success seems far away, or already so huge that protocol inhibits transformation – we can help. To learn more about OpenGenius, visit our website.

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