Task management for marketing teams shouldn’t be boring.

From managing a rebrand to planning product launches and events, Ayoa allows you to effectively manage every aspect of marketing within your business, from the detail to the big picture. What’s more, Ayoa’s powerfully visual interface enhances your teams’ creativity for unique and impactful campaigns expertly managed all the way through from planning to execution.

month end close

Successful campaign management

Outline campaign objectives, plan activities, set due dates, and share results – all in one productive workspace.

financial statements

Structured content marketing plans

Create your own tailored templates to structure each week or month. Organize tasks by marketing channel or by assignee.

monitor team performance

Effective team communication

With clear delegation, instant messaging and real-time collaboration, everyone is kept on the same page.

payment reminders

Experience the power of visual thinking

Discover the power of Mind Mapping in Ayoa to brainstorm great ideas for truly unique and disruptive marketing campaigns.

go beyond spreadsheets

Adaptable personal prioritization

Manage personal tasks across multiple shared projects with ease. Now, Next and Soon organization ensures the right tasks are completed at the right time.

process incoming requests

Quick and simple team onboarding

Not sure how to get started? Our friendly support team will show you how to get your team up and running with Ayoa.

I have Ayoa open almost every moment I’m working - unlike my email which I've found hinders my productivity. I also have Ayoa open during client meetings so that I can immediately create tasks as they crop up.
Chris Coney, Marketing Consultant

Marketing resource hub

Your marketing resource hub

A picture speaks a thousand words. Add images to your Ayoa Mind Maps to represent key themes and spark ideas. Upload your own or select images straight from the Unsplash gallery. With documents, audio files and web links, create your own resource hub.

Crystal clear communication

Develop your ideas by adding notes to tasks and Mind Map branches. Ideal for discussing ideas with others, add comments to your tasks where you can talk through your work, ask questions, give feedback or simply show your appreciation for a great idea.

Clear communication

Dream team unite!

We all know the saying ‘two heads are better than one’. Get more out of the idea generation process and invite others to join your Task Boards and Mind Maps, so you can brainstorm ideas and collaborate in real-time.

Visual task management

Ayoa’s uniquely visual interface provides a new way to manage your marketing projects. With tasks presented as colorful bubbles, delegation, task progress and priorities are always clear.

Visual task management
With Ayoa, I can see both the big picture and the detail on one screen, without clicking on anything. It’s incredible really.
Chris Coney, Marketing Consultant


Discover your most successful marketing campaign yet.
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We offer a number of pricing plans for you and your team, so you can save money and pay in the way that suits you best.


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Hudson profile image

Hudson Architects

Architectural Practice

Case study

“DropTask’s [Ayoa] visual style not only made it very easy to explain to everyone how it worked and why we should have it, but it also made all our staff enthusiastic to start entering their own work.”

Kylie Ross profile image

Kylie Ross

Creative Entrepreneur

Five stars

“I’m really loving the mix of visual and text and the choice of views. I’ve left my Reminders and Trello behind (sorry), and this is all I use for both my business and personal to-dos. It’s easy and quick to setup and I’m in love.”

HP profile image

Mark Pohlmann

Project Manager

Case study

“DropTask [Ayoa] designs a picture for me to view work status. This makes collaboration so much easier as people can report what they want during the day, resulting in fewer phone calls, less paperwork (with information the team need to hand to me), and no to-do ‘lists’.”

Rich Lovelock profile image

Rich Lovelock

Web Developer

Five stars

“I’ve tried every organisational tool going I think, I’ve not tried something that has so seamlessly fitted in to my workflow with all features I need and more with a beautiful, usable UX, so much so that I subscribed to the business plan within ten minutes. Fantastic job guys.”


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