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Organise your thoughts

Organise your thoughts

simplify complex ideas

Break-down complex ideas

make studying easy

Make work easier


Business plan mind map

Ideas made visual

Ayoa Free is a great introduction to mind maps, a process that has been enhancing the way people thing for decades.

Start thinking clearly and creatively, for free.

Fun & engaging

Ayoa’s vibrant branches stimulate the brain to create mental shortcuts. Sort, highlight, analyse notes and identify more connections, all in a distinctly visual manner.

Exam preparation mind map
Ayoa mind maps are a brain friendly format

Brain-friendly format

Too much noise can make it difficult to focus, especially for neurodivergent people. Ayoa’s intuitive design helps you cut out the clutter and easily organise your work.

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Suitable for busy individuals or small teams. Ayoa, the #1 best productivity app of 2022.

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Pick of the best productivity apps. Ayoa… for those who find visuals more suited to their needs.

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Benefits of mind mapping

Radiant thinking icon

Radiant thinking

Displays ideas visually, enhancing understanding, avoiding writer’s block and aiding problem-solving.

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Improve recall, enhance long-term memory, and use Ayoa for personal knowledge management.

Problem solving

Problem solving

Boosting creativity and idea generation. Mind maps enhance the mind’s ability to connect the dots.

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Make learning fun. Stimulate associations, increase motivation, and understanding complex topics.

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Mind mapping promotes understanding and expression, aids lesson planning, and improves communication.

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Ayoa mind mapping supports people with neurological differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism.



Frequently asked questions

You can enjoy mind mapping free with Ayoa on Web, iOS and Android. Ayoa will work with most browsers but we recommend using Chrome for the best experience.

Unlock many additional powerful features including AI, task management, collaboration, additional views, whiteboards, freehand drawing, gantt charts, presentation tools, exports, integrations, additional security, and many more drawing styles. For more information please click here.

The free version of Ayoa is for personal use only. As a paid user, you can share with a free user, but only if the free user is using it for personal use. For example if you’re a coach/trainer working with a client then as a coach you would have a paid plan (and thus a commercial license), but the client could use a free plan (as it would be for their personal use). For any commercial use please upgrade to a paid plan. Find out more here.

We understand mind mapping more than most. Ayoa was created by Chris Griffiths, one of the world’s leading experts on mind mapping. Chris worked with Tony Buzan, the inventor of the mind map for over two decades, managing his brand and even co-authored Mind Maps for Business with him. Chris was responsible for growing the ThinkBuzan training network from zero to over 1100 mind map trainers around the globe. His mind mapping apps include iMindMap, Mind Maps for Kids, Ayoa Mind Maps for Kids, and now Ayoa. His mission is to help you get the most out of your mind map experience.

Forever is a long time! Yes, you can enjoy our Ayoa Free plan entirely for free and we have no intention of removing this plan any time soon! Please note that our free offering is built to last, so that you can enjoy many happy years of using Ayoa mind mapping without worrying about any payment. We have designed our offer with the intention to provide our service to you for free, indefinitely. However, as with any offer, it may be subject to change due to certain fair circumstances. See our terms and conditions for more details.



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Benefits of mind maps

The benefits of mind mapping

Mind mapping encourages free-flowing, flexible thinking, leading to innovative solutions you may not consider when using linear brainstorming tools. Using keywords and images engages visual processing, improving recall. The hierarchical structure highlights relationships and important points. The visual nature provides the bigger picture, arranging complex information efficiently. Creating organic mind maps boosts focus and productivity by identifying important tasks and goals. In teams, mind mapping lays out ideas for greater participation and collaboration. Whether studying, strategic planning, project management, problem-solving or writing, mind maps help see concepts clearly, make connections, improve memory, encourage creativity, increase focus, facilitate teamwork and ultimately enhance performance. By designing mind mapping to your needs, you can unlock your brain’s full potential. Transform your thinking and accomplish your goals with this versatile, visual thinking tool suitable for every working style. Mind mapping lets you rise above limitations of traditional linear thought to promote understanding, productivity and innovation.

Mind mapping for learning

Mind mapping structurally represents major elements of a concept or subject in a visual and interactive format, simplifying complex information for easier understanding and learning. The use of visuals like symbols, drawings and pictures aids better memory retention and recall. When you create organic mind maps, encoding information in a different format promotes active learning. Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, mind maps bring together writing, diagramming and imagery. Mind maps display relationships between ideas, a key aspect in understanding new concepts. By breaking down a subject and focusing on individual sub-topics one at a time, concentration is improved, enhancing learning. Since mind maps aren’t linear, they encourage exploring new ideas and connections, sparking creativity to enrich the learning experience. In these ways, mind mapping transforms complex topics into memorable maps full of variety, symbols and natural associations to activate different parts of the brain for more effective learning.

Ayoa for learning
Mind Mapping in the workplace

Mind mapping for relieving stress in the workplace

Mind mapping visually arranges thoughts, tasks, and responsibilities, preventing you from feeling overwhelmed and reducing anxiety. It sets priorities, making it easier to focus on one task instead of fretting over multiple tasks at once. Mind mapping encourages creativity, providing a pleasant break from routine tasks, thereby lifting mood. By clearly displaying tasks and ideas, mind mapping improves focus and efficiency, reducing the pressure associated with time constraints. It helps explain complex concepts to team members, reducing misunderstandings and the associated frustration. Problems that seem unsolvable can be upsetting. Mind mapping allows brainstorming, leading to solutions and boosted morale. Seeing thoughts in a visual way can improve confidence and reduce uncertainty. Mind maps give a visual overview of choices, arranging thoughts to aid clear thinking and effective evaluation for decision making. This overview can reduce the burden of difficult choices. In these ways, mind mapping is an effective tool to promote a positive, focused and productive mindset in the workplace.

Mind Maps for People with Dyslexia, ADHD (ADD), and Autism

Ayoa’s AI generates dynamic mind maps tailored for users with ADHD, dyslexia, and autism. For ADHD, it breaks information into digestible chunks focusing on key ideas. Visual maps, interactive exploration, and a fun tone sustain engagement and focus. Summing up information reduces distractions. For dyslexia, Ayoa uses short, simple sentences and conversational tone. Chunking prevents overload while images aid memory. Focus modes reduce distractions. Presentation displays grab attention. For autism, incorporating special interests makes content relatable. Branching structure helps in understanding relationships. Multimedia features appeal to visual and auditory learners. Drawing tools reinforce concepts. Reminders establish routine and reduce dependence. By keeping everything within one app, Ayoa reduces cognitive load and task switching, improving focus. Overall, Ayoa allows those with neurological differences to better process, comprehend, and apply information in an engaging, tailored way. It’s all-in-one solution of mind mapping, tasks, and collaboration aligns with how these users think and learn best.

Ayoa for Neurodiversity


Tony Buzan

Who developed mind mapping?

Mind mapping was invented in the 1960s by Tony Buzan as a radical note taking system to help manage information in a visual and engaging way. He met Chris Griffiths in the 1990s, who soon became a leading mind mapping expert in his own right. Together they authored bestselling books like The Mind Map in Business Book and collaborated on mind mapping software innovations.

Buzan licensed his mind mapping system to Griffiths’ company, iMindMap, one of the earliest digital mind mapping tools. This allowed mind maps to be easily created, shared and made interactive. Griffiths also founded ThinkBuzan, the global licensee for Buzan’s curriculum and products. Through this worldwide training network, he led the effort to spread mind mapping through workshops and certifications across the globe. Buzan and Griffiths’ symbiotic partnership spanned over 20 years. Griffiths developed the Ayoa Mind Map software to replicate the organic nature of true mind mapping.

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Bill Gates

“A new generation of ‘mind-mapping’ software can be used as a digital ‘blank slate’ …and ultimately create new knowledge.”

– Bill Gates