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Experience Ayoa Ultimate. Includes Ayoa Mind Map, Ayoa Task and much more…

Supercharge your ideas with AI, brainstorm with your team, task manage projects, and organise personal to-do-lists, all in one place.

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Use our AI to accelerate your thinking

Ayoa Ultimate’s AI powered mind maps are a world first. In one session you can build a map of ideas, questions, research, or analysis that might otherwise take weeks or months.

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Work your way

Ayoa Ultimate is the fun all-in-one neuro-inclusive productivity tool that caters to your way of working.

Mind map view

Mind map

Also known as a brainstorm, mind maps are an amazing tool for discovering great ideas.

Canvas view

Canvas view

Display tasks and projects in this colorful bubble canvas that’s sure to inspire creativity.

Radial map view

Radial map

This pie-chat style map is perfect for setting goals or visualizing the steps in a project.

Whiteboards view


Visualize any project in Ayoa’s digital whiteboard view using sticky notes, annotations and more.

Flowcharts view


For processes and workflows that need to be mapped out step by step, visualize the process in a flowchart.

Organic maps view

Organic maps

Super-creative organic mind maps use adjustable, curved branches to support your natural thinking processes.

Kanban view

Workflow board

Move tasks through a process all the way to completion with our Kanban-style workflow view.

Team view

Team view

Get a quick overview of team availability and see what everyone’s working on in Ayoa’s team pulse.

Gantt chart view

Gantt chart

For projects where time is of the essence, use gantt timeline view to effectively monitor task progress.

Capture Maps

Capture Maps

The quickest way to visually capture ideas and notes.

Ayoa Chat


Chat with colleagues and drag comments onto maps.

Video chat


Collaborate virtually whilst discussing tasks or ideas.


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