Say hello to Gantt Timeline View

Effectively time manage your tasks and visualize upcoming deadlines for any project in Ayoa. Exclusive to users of our Pro and Ultimate plans.

Available on web and desktop

Say hello to Gantt Timeline View - Ayoa  

Time management has never been easier.

View upcoming deadlines at a glance, so you can prioritize your workload with ease.


Time manage any project

Create a Gantt Timeline to seamlessly manage a new project, or even switch one of your existing Task Boards into Gantt Timeline View. Perfect for easily visualizing your upcoming deadlines in an interactive and adaptable chart.

Time manage any project - Time management - Ayoa
Flexible and Adaptable Gantt Chart Maker Online - Ayoa

Flexible and adaptable

Ayoa gives you the flexibility to drag and drop your tasks around your timeline, so you can adjust your deadlines and priorities with one simple move. By moving your tasks along the timeline, your due dates will automatically update to reflect your actions.

Highlight important deadlines

Milestones in Gantt Timeline allow you to mark an important date you are working towards. Ideal for project deadlines, or campaign launch days, Milestones are your way to clearly visualize your deadlines alongside your end goal.

milestones in gantt timeline
unplanned tasks in gantt timeline

Never let a task go forgotten

Don’t have a deadline yet? Gantt Timeline makes it easy for you to view and schedule your unplanned tasks alongside tasks already in your timeline. This means you can see your full-picture workload, and not just your current priorities.

View your planner as a timeline

With tasks spread across various projects, it can be hard to picture your overall deadlines together. Switch your Planner into a Gantt Timeline to easily visualize your upcoming deadlines from any project, so no deadline gets left forgotten.

switch planner to gantt timeline

Managing deadlines has never been more productive.
Get started with Gantt Timeline View today.

Please note that Gantt Timeline View is not available on our free basic plan. Gantt Timeline is not currently available on Android or iOS.


We offer a number of pricing plans for you and your team, so you can save money and pay in the way that suits you best.


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