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From the creators of iMindMap, say hello to Ayoa…

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Discover innovative productivity with Ayoa Discover innovative productivity with Ayoa Discover innovative productivity with Ayoa

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There is so much to come. Join us in taking digital Mind Mapping to new levels of productivity performance.

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Why we’ve changed from iMindMap…

OpenGenius are the creators of iMindMap – the Mind Mapping software which first entered the world in 2006. We also developed DropTask – the visual task management tool.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve learned a lot about Mind Mapping, task management and a lot about applying knowledge to get the best results.

Ayoa is a product born of those years of experience. We’ve taken rounds of user feedback and our own extensive knowledge to create a tool which is so much more than just Mind Mapping.

Ayoa is fast, powerful and collaborative for people who are serious about capturing the big ideas and doing something with them.

You can read more about the story behind this decision here.

Discover what Ayoa can do…

Capture your best ideas

Real-time Mind Mapping

Unlock the power of Mind Mapping anywhere, with anyone, using Ayoa. Real-time and collaborative, access your Ayoa Mind Maps on any device, wherever you are in the world. For electric creativity that’s always accessible.
Turn conversation into action

Ayoa chat

The only Mind Mapping tool to include chat. This Instant Messaging service heightens the collaborative nature of Ayoa and allows teams to both ideate and communicate at the same time.

Work with others

Need for speed

With Ayoa’s lightning fast speed you’ll never lose an idea again. Our Idea Bank feature allows you to fire out ideas as they hit, then simply drag and drop each point to turn your thoughts into visual branches on your Mind Map.
Better communication

Ideas into action

Make the branches of your Mind Map actionable tasks so your best ideas can become a reality. With task details and agile features such as Autohide, Ayoa has brought serious Mind Mapping into a productive dimension.

And that’s not all…

This is just the start. Our roadmap is coming soon, so you can see what’s yet to come. For more information on the powerful and innovative features of Ayoa, click here and start doing your best work, today.

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We believe that iMindMap 11 - our most powerful and final version of the iMindMap software - allowed us to go out with a bang. But now we’ve given Mind Mapping the update it truly deserves.
Chris Griffiths - CEO, OpenGenius

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Become a certified trainer

We offer certified courses in Mind Mapping, applied innovation and using Ayoa to its fullest potential. Learn more about our training and consulting services here.