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(Note: if you’re a DSA Needs Assessor please download our PDF here for more information on supporting your students with Ayoa Ultimate.)


Oliver Fenghour, Founding Director of Advance

“Organisations such as Ayoa are playing a pivotal role in ensuring that a level playing field for autistic employees exists. Inclusive technology companies are increasingly using whiteboards, mind mapping tools and Gantt charts to help ensure that employees with autism can organize and structure their working days so they can still be effective employees for the organisations they work for.”

Oliver Fenghour, Founding Director of Advance



Share mind maps

Widening Participation

With Ayoa Ultimate, collaboration has never been so easy, you can now share with an unlimited amount of users even if they are on a free license!

  • Simply share mind maps with your peers, in their specific cognitive learning style and collaborate seamlessly on projects.
  • Bridging the gap between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals by enabling everyone to collaborate on the same platform but in a unique learning style to them.


Visual Task Management & Collaboration

Tools designed to assists autistic users in recognising relationships and patterns.

  • Ayoa’s visual mind maps present information in a structured, predictable way.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining thinking and work, prioritising tasks, and therefore keeping organised.
  • Collaborative spaces for neurodivergent users provides motivation and accountability. Seamlessly collaborate with peers on projects by sharing tasks, mind maps and whiteboards.
Visual task management


Templates in Ayoa

Establish Routine

Autistic users thrive in routine as the predictability and structure can reduce anxiety, providing a clear understanding of what to expect and aiding in their ability to perform tasks effectively.

  • Use Ayoa’s project templates to support in creating a simple routine that is easy to understand and follow.
  • Add reminders and prompts to tasks to reduce dependence on others and support individual learning.


Organise information visually

Provide a clear and more understandable way for Autistic users to process and retain information, aiding in their learning and comprehension process.

  • Ayoa supports visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning strengths by embedding images, videos, audio, and providing unique organic hand drawn mind mapping.
  • Ayoa’s clearly structured mind maps aid in easy information processing.
  • With Autolayout and Autofocus features, Ayoa maintains mind map structure and helps you focus by reducing distractions.
A couple of best mind mapping examples on screens

AI Tailored Learning

Ayoa’s mind maps can now be customised to specific neuro-settings that provide a more relatable experience based on your needs. Select between ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism and Ayoa’s AI will make sure the content of the map will be generated based on your needs. Watch our video for more information



George, Ayoa user

“One of the features of having either autism or dyslexia is often a weak short term memory, which can affect something known as ‘Executive Function’ – the ability to organise, thoughts or actions. By having everything there in one glance, Ayoa has allowed me to reduce this area of stress in my life.”

George, Ayoa User



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  • Completely free
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