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(Note: if you’re a DSA Needs Assessor please download our PDF here for more information on supporting your students with Ayoa Ultimate.)

“Ayoa literally reduces stress, overwork and inevitable burnout, it smoothes out the peaks and the troughs that combined type ADHD regularly features.”

Helen James, Founder of Nutriri

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AI Tailored Learning

Ayoa’s mind maps can now be customised to specific neuro-settings that provide a more relatable experience based on your needs. Select between ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism and Ayoa’s AI will make sure the content of the map will be generated based on your needs. Watch our video for more information


Stay focused & productive

Eliminate distractions and reduce the risk of feeling overwhelmed with tasks or projects.

  • Easily capture your ideas in our idea bank and later allocate to mind maps or task boards when relevant.
  • Use visual language like images and icons in your organic mind maps to stay engaged in a project and enhance learning for kinesthetic thinkers.
  • Ayoa’s Autolayout feature helps to automatically maintain the visual structure of your mind map, while its Autofocus feature reduces distractions by allowing you to concentrate on selected areas of the map.


Visual task management

Visual Task Management & Collaboration

Tools designed to enhance focus, stimulate creativity, and enable user-friendly team collaboration.

  • Increasing productivity by streamlining thinking and focus by prioritising tasks using reminders and deadlines, and therefore keeping organised.
  • Widen participation between peers with an Ayoa Ultimate licence – allowing you to share with an unlimited amount of Ayoa’s free users. Fully inclusive collaboration has never been so easy whilst maintaining individual learning styles for all users.
  • Collaborative spaces for neurodivergent users provides motivation and accountability


Manage your time

Reduce the risk of becoming overwhelmed by deadlines or projects by effectively focusing your time and efforts.

  • Set reminders on your tasks so you can order your work by date to make sure you never miss a deadline.
  • Search features allow for quick location of information which is effective for users with a short attention span.
  • Allocate others tasks and track progress to make sure your team is collaborating effectively.
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Michael Leive

“After using various apps that have the features of Ayoa separately, finding one that encompasses all the features in one place has just been fantastic. Real big fan so far, still learning the tricks but yes very good execution and practicality. I’m thinking about using it with my coaching clients, family and also as a business platform.”

Michael Leibe, ADHD Coach


Frequently Asked Questions


The Ultimate plan of Ayoa is best suited for all neurodivergent users as it offers AI assistance for effortless mind mapping and support for conditions like ADHD. Ayoa Ultimate plan offers advanced time management features like Gantt timelines and workload view, allowing ADHD users to visually see and manage their tasks and project progress, reducing overwhelm and anxiety. The plan offers full access to all Mind Mapping features which can help ADHD users structure their thoughts and ideas more effectively, thereby supporting focus and sustained attention. Ultimate also provides priority customer support, ensuring that ADHD users can get the help and guidance they need to effectively use all the software’s features to stay organized and productive.

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Once your eligibility for the DSA has been confirmed by Student Finance England or Student Finance Wales, you will need to get in touch with an assessment centre to determine what help you need. At this stage, you can express your interest in using Ayoa to aid in your learning, and find out how you can access it or upgrade your free account to use its full features through your DSA.

Here at Ayoa we pride ourselves in being a fully inclusive app for all. Collaborate freely with our seamless interface regardless if you are neurotypical or neurodivergent. Every feature is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that the digital workspace is perfectly suited for everyone’s needs and learning styles.

Yes, Ayoa is built with features designed to help improve focus and maintain attention, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD. Its new Autofocus feature can direct your attention to high-priority tasks. Additionally, its integrated task management tools and its distraction-free interface can help create an ideal environment to maintain attention on the tasks at hand. Watch our video for more information



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