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(Note: if you’re a DSA Needs Assessor please download our PDF here for more information on supporting your students with Ayoa Ultimate.)

Katrina Cochrane

“I love how the product is so Dyslexia Friendly – the ability to use different fonts, background colours etc make it so accessible for those with an SpLD, including dyslexia. The use of AI to support is inspiring, but even without it I can see so many applications for those needing to get their ideas down in school, university and in employment. A great resource.”

Katrina Cochrane, Founder of Positive Dyslexia


Enhance visibility

Enhance visibility

Increase productivity with simplified language so content is easier to understand and process.

  • Change your mind map backgrounds to more user-friendly shades in order to visually stimulate your learning process.
  • Use neurodivergent friendly fonts to reduce the risk of letter confusion and enhance readability, making text easier to process and understand.
  • Our Ai partner can auto generate appropriate images in order to aid understanding and memory.


All in one solution

Ayoa’s all-in-one solution of mind mapping, tasks and collaboration features results in the user not having to use multiple apps to achieve the same benefit. This reduces cognitive load, providing a more fun and engaging learning environment. Overall, Ayoa enables dyslexic users to better process and organise information, reinforce learning, and enhance productivity in a uniquely tailored way.

  • Seamlessly switch between mind map views for a workspace that works for you.
  • Collaborative spaces for neurodivergent users provides motivation and accountability
All in one solution


AI tailored learning

AI Tailored Learning

Ayoa’s mind maps can now be customised to specific neuro-settings that provide a more relatable experience based on your needs. Select between ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism and Ayoa’s AI will make sure the content of the map will be generated based on your needs. Watch our video for more information


Stay focused & productive

Eliminate distractions and reduce the risk of feeling overwhelmed with tasks or projects.

  • Easily capture your ideas in our idea bank and later allocate to mind maps or task boards when relevant.
  • Presentation mode grabs the attention of users will full-screen visual display to enhance information recall.
  • Ayoa’s Autolayout feature helps automatically maintain the visual structure of your mind map, while its Autofocus feature reduces distractions by allowing you to concentrate on selected areas of the map.
Stay focused



How Mind Mapping can help with dyslexia

A Mind Map is a visual thinking technique and an invaluable tool in the creative thinking process. Using a distinct combination of colors, images and visual-spatial arrangement, Mind Maps are ideal for helping those with dyslexia organize and break down complex information. Some of the popular ways of using Mind Maps include:

Brainstorming Ideas - Gantt Chart Creator - Ayoa

Brainstorming Ideas

Planning Projects With Gantt Chart Creator - Ayoa

Planning Projects

Presenting Information Online With Gantt Chart - Ayoa

Presenting Information

Taking Notes

Taking Notes

Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions

Recalling Information

Learning and
Recalling Information


Mind Maps are like a chameleon for your brain, as they reflect your natural thinking processes. In the same way your brain will spark off associated thoughts from one idea, Mind Maps allow you to capture these infinite chains, encouraging your brain to expand and explore these ideas.



Further reading

If you’d like to learn more about Mind Mapping and how it can be useful for those with dyslexia, check out our recommended articles below:

We have also created a range of free downloadable dyslexia resources to help those in education and the workplace support and identify the symptoms of dyslexia.



Frequently Asked Questions


The Ultimate plan of Ayoa is best suited for all neurodivergent users as it offers AI assistance for effortless mind mapping and support for conditions like Dyslexia. Ayoa Ultimate offers Mind Mapping features with customisable coloured backgrounds, which can be particularly beneficial for dyslexic users as it allows them to visualize and organize their thoughts in a non-linear manner, assisting with comprehension and memory recall. The Task Board feature makes tracking progress easy with color-coded categories and task cover images, simplifying visual recognition and information processing for Dyslexic users. Additionally, the Ultimate plan provides priority customer support, ensuring dyslexic users get the necessary assistance and customized solutions to enhance their user experience and productivity.

See Ayoa plans

Once your eligibility for the DSA has been confirmed by Student Finance England or Student Finance Wales, you will need to get in touch with an assessment centre to determine what help you need. At this stage, you can express your interest in using Ayoa to aid in your learning, and find out how you can access it or upgrade your free account to use its full features through your DSA.

Here at Ayoa we pride ourselves in being a fully inclusive app for all. Collaborate freely with our seamless interface regardless if you are neurotypical or neurodivergent. Every feature is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that the digital workspace is perfectly suited for everyone’s needs and learning styles.

Ayoa offers various features that can enhance readability and text customization. Users can customize many visual aspects of the platform, like changing the color of tasks for easier visual distinction. Moreover, the Mind Maps feature provides a graphic way to represent tasks and ideas, which can be easier to process for dyslexic users. Ayoa offers dyslexic friendly fonts, background colours and customisable Ai to enhance readability for users.



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