What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common and lifelong, neurological difference which can present challenges during education, in the workplace and in everyday life.

It is estimated that 10% of the population are dyslexic. Dyslexia affects people in unique ways, such as with reading, writing or spelling. However, with the right tools and support, the talents of those with dyslexia can truly shine.

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Ayoa is an innovative Mind Mapping tool with built-in Task Management features. Encased in a highly visual format, it provides a place for dyslexic students to generate ideas and give a visual structure to their work, making it quicker and easier for them to make the most of their creativity, process important information and keep track of their to-do list.

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Keep reading to discover more about dyslexia and how Mind Mapping can help those with this neurological difference.



Dyslexia is a condition that is largely misunderstood in wider society. As dyslexia affects people in a number of different ways, it can be difficult for people to instantly recognize the signs and symptoms of dyslexia.

It’s something which is much more common than believed, and contrary to negative stereotypes, dyslexia does not affect intelligence. This common misconception can stem from the fact that traditional teaching methods don’t always suit the learning style of dyslexic thinkers.

Many smart, successful and innovative thinkers are dyslexic, including Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Leonardo da Vinci – and it’s this ability to think outside the box where dyslexics really excel.

Having gone to school in the 80s I’ve experienced many of the misconceptions about Dyslexia first-hand. Back then it was not a recognized learning disability; and so, I was frequently treated as though I were “just a bit thick”. The truth is dyslexics are actually very bright, they just think differently to traditional learners.
Alison Edgar - Managing Director, Entrepreneur's Godmother


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Your hidden superpower

Many people with dyslexia are wonderfully creative and abstract thinkers. Their ability to think differently to traditional, linear methods makes those with dyslexia excellent problem solvers, incredibly imaginative and able to come up with truly creative ideas and solutions.

It’s therefore important that dyslexic people have the tools and support to enable their talents to shine.


The power of visual learning

Did you know?

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The brain is capable of absorbing 36,000 visual images every hour.

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70-90% of information received by the brain is through visual channels.*

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The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.*


Pictures are our universal language. They give us the ability to convey information and represent ideas faster than words and in a way everyone can understand. Images allow us to communicate a message without the need for words and lengthy sentences, and can help us to retain memory and improve organization.

As people with dyslexia tend to have a natural tendency towards creative thinking, visual learning can provide an extremely useful and effective way to manage daily tasks.


How Mind Mapping can help with dyslexia

A Mind Map is a visual thinking technique and an invaluable tool in the creative thinking process.

Using a distinct combination of colors, images and visual-spatial arrangement, Mind Maps are ideal for helping those with dyslexia organize and break down complex information.

Some of the popular ways of using Mind Maps include:

Brainstorming Ideas - Gantt Chart Creator - Ayoa

Brainstorming Ideas

Planning Projects With Gantt Chart Creator - Ayoa

Planning Projects

Presenting Information Online With Gantt Chart - Ayoa

Presenting Information

Taking Notes

Taking Notes

Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions

Recalling Information

Learning and
Recalling Information


Mind Maps are like a chameleon for your brain, as they reflect your natural thinking processes. In the same way your brain will spark off associated thoughts from one idea, Mind Maps allow you to capture these infinite chains, encouraging your brain to expand and explore these ideas.

Mind Mapping is a great aid for those with dyslexia because we tend to think in shapes. That’s how I remember things. I picture an object which relates to the sequence of what I am doing or talking about. I believe “thinking squiggly” with a Mind Map aids my creativity – which is what makes Mind Maps such a powerful tool.
Alison Edgar - Managing Director, Entrepreneur's Godmother


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