Neurodiversity in the workplace

It’s estimated that 1 in 7 people have a neurological difference. Ensuring your workplace supports neurodiversity is key to a more innovative, productive and valuable workforce.


Benefits of a neuro-inclusive workplace


A neurodiverse workforce allows for diversity of thought within your organization. Neurodivergent individuals bring unique perspectives and skillsets to the team that ultimately drive an innovative culture.

It’s important for every workplace to be neurologically inclusive and create an environment where everyone is able to work to the best of their ability, regardless of neurological differences.


Generate great solutions

Making your workplace more
neuro-inclusive with Ayoa

Traditional, linear work methods can be harder to process for neurodivergent people whose brains interpret information differently. Ayoa offers a flexible approach to working that inspires creative thinking and utilizes visual working techniques.

Unlike other assistive tech tools, Ayoa allows neurodivergent employees to work alongside their neurotypical colleagues in one workspace. By adopting a tool that benefits every team member, workplaces can ensure they are providing their employees with the right foundation for their best work.


Ayoa hosts a number of neurodiversity-friendly features, including:


Neurodiversity exports - Ayoa

Exporting options, including PDFs, Word documents and images.

Neurodiversity planner - Ayoa

Personal planner with category names taken from the Pictorial Exchange Communication System.

Neurodiversity speed keys - Ayoa

Speed keys for keyboard navigation and control.

Neurodiversity colors - Ayoa

Change the background colours for easy reading.

Neurodiversity collaboration - Ayoa

Collaborate with others using comments, instant messaging & video chat.

Neurodiversity friendly font - Ayoa

Neurodiversity-friendly font, OpenSans, used across the app.

Discover Ayoa assistive software

Ayoa’s an absolute godsend for my visually needy disorganised autistic/adhd brain. There are so many features designed with neurodivergent clients in mind and the free version is excellent. As well as 3 types of mindmap there's also non-linear task planning! I wish I'd found it sooner.
Emily L, via Twitter

Access to work - Ayoa

Access to work

Access to Work is a publicly-funded employment support programme in the UK that helps disabled people start or stay in work. Click the button below to find out more about Access to Work for neurodivergent employees.

Learn more about Access to Work >


Dyslexia is a common and lifelong, neurological difference, affecting approximately 10% of the population, and can impact reading, writing or spelling. Click the button below to learn more about dyslexia and our assistive technology.

Learn more about Dyslexia >

Dyslexia - Ayoa


Neurodiversity in practice

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