Centralize your company’s HR and recruitment

HR and recruitment is the lifeblood of any great business as it ensures you get the right people on board and keep them with you for years to come. Ayoa makes it easy for you to simplify and centralize the vital processes involved, from arranging and delivering training, to managing candidates during the hiring process.


Monitor your team's progress in Ayoa

Clear records of each and every candidate

Need to track potential candidates when hiring? Move them through a series of processes with ease in our linear Kanban-style Task Board.

Different views for Task Boards

Customize your view for every project or process

Working on a large project with multiple milestones or managing reocurring tasks? Ayoa has a Task Board view to suit your needs.

Brainstorming in Ayoa

Perfect your planning and brainstorming

Whether you’re choosing training courses or the venue for the Christmas party, generate ideas in a Mind Map to share with others.

go beyond spreadsheets

Adaptable personal prioritization

Set due dates and reminders, and sort tasks in your Planner by Now, Next and Soon to ensure the right things get done at the right time.

Seamless communication

Communicate seamlessly with every department

Quickly and easily communicate with anyone you need in your business with Instant Messaging and the ability to share your work.

process incoming requests

Quick and simple team onboarding

Alongside in-app walkthroughs, Ayoa’s friendly support team can help you get up and running with Ayoa as quickly as possible.

The projects are very easy to create and it is very user-friendly. I also really like that there is an option for templates, which makes it faster to create projects that repeat, whether they are small or large.
Joseph G, HR Compliance Representative

Manage each and every step - Ayoa

Manage each and every step

Ayoa makes it easy to track your projects from start to finish. Hiring for a job role? Brainstorm the qualities, qualifications and experience needed in a Mind Map, then track every stage of the recruitment process in a Task Board, from sourcing CVs, to arranging interviews.

Vital processes simplifed

As a HR Manager, you’re the person that’s responsible for getting the important things done, including payroll, training and more. As well as being able to set Due Dates for individual tasks, Reminders for these can be set to reoccur as often as you need.

Vital processes simplifed - Ayoa
Crystal clear communication - Ayoa

Crystal clear communication

No matter who you work with from any department, communication is made simple. Have a quick query? Get instant replies with Direct Messages and Group Chats. Need feedback on work? Share Mind Maps and Task Boards with others so they can add comments.

Visual task management

Ayoa knows that everyone works differently, and that some projects and processes require different views. Manage them in a visual timeline in Gantt Timeline View, get inspired by colorful bubbles in Canvas View, or keep your tasks in a clear list in Workflow View.

Visual task management - Ayoa


I love this program because it is easy to use, and your things are so organized - I am a freak for organization! I use it every day and will continue to.
Kasey H, Administration


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