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Why work like everyone else does? Ayoa is packed full of powerful features to enable your creative ideas to come to life and drive results.

Ayoa provides a unique solution that no other app does.
Simon Scott, Ayoa user, 2019

Ayoa offers a range of pricing plans to suit your needs and team size, including a free basic plan. Here are some of the great creativity and productivity-boosting features you can take advantage of when you try Ayoa today:

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uncover your best ideas


Mind Mapping

Expand your creative thinking and generate new ideas with the visual thinking tool loved by millions of people worldwide. Choose from Speed Mind Maps to quickly collate ideas, or super-creative Organic Mind Maps for full customization of branches with placement, color, images and more.


Gantt Timeline View

With Ayoa’s Gantt Timeline View, easily create your own Gantt-style charts to achieve more effective time management. See everything you need to do (and when) at a glance by setting start and Due Dates for tasks, adding Milestones and charting your progress in a clear timeline. Find out more.

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Gantt Timeline


Like no other app

Most task management apps all look the same. Ayoa breaks the mold on what you expect from task management, so your creative ideas can flourish.

Ayoa’s Canvas View provides the perfect space for you to create visually stimulating Task Boards, where you can organize and manage your workload with efficient ease.

uncover your best ideas


Uncover your best ideas

When faced with a project or decision, use the power of Mind Mapping to explore all of your creative solutions. Collaborate with colleagues in real-time, and make your best ideas a reality by turning branches into actionable tasks. Click here to see all our Mind Mapping features.


Work without limits

The best ideas grow from creative teamwork. Invite an infinite number of teammates to each of your Task Boards; so you can experience unrestricted and limitless team collaboration.

work without limits
all tasks in once place


All task details, in one place

The task side panel is a powerful space to store those all-important details, including due dates, file attachments, checklists and more. So you can prioritize with ease, stay informed and never miss a thing.


Ayoa Chat

Interact with your colleagues by sending direct messages or create group chats for seamless teamwork. View your teammates’ current status to see who is available and share tasks with each other, so you can stay on the same page.

Ayoa chat feature
Focus on progress


Focus on progress

Stay on track and smash deadlines with the Progress Percentage bar. This is a great way to inform yourself and others how close a task is to completion.


Work smarter,
not harder

No longer waste time balancing your work across multiple tools. Add categories, assign tasks, and keep focused comments in one, productivity-boosting workspace – so you can focus your time on developing your innovative ideas.

Work smarter not harder


Complete security

Restrict what others can see and do by managing member permissions. Ayoa also uses TLS Encryption and the best data centers, payment processors and providers of infrastructure management and security to keep your data safe. See our full security features.


Seamlessly sync

Increase efficiency and streamline your workflow with Ayoa’s range of integrations, including Google, Evernote, and Dropbox.


Conquer your priorities

Stay on top of your workload and respond quickly to changing priorities using your Ayoa Planner. Work across all Task Boards, and schedule your tasks for ‘Now, Next or Soon’ for powerful, personal prioritization.



Work to your style

Whether you prefer a visual approach, or something more structured, enjoy flexibility for the entire team with multiple Task Board views to work from. Including Canvas, Workflow, Urgency Lists, and Completed.

We’ve got even more features coming soon!
Check out our Product Roadmap for a heads-up on what’s coming up.

Plus so much more…

Idea Bank
Idea Bank
Capture your initial ideas and drag them into your Mind Map as branches later
Completed View
Completed View
Look back at your achievements and track performance
Due Dates
Due Dates
Manage your priorities and get more done in less time
Filter Tasks
Filter Tasks
Filter by assignee, keywords and more, to only see the things you want to see
Daily Summary Email
Daily Summary Email
Review upcoming deadlines and see what you should be working on today
Your Ayoa data is safe & secure
Your Ayoa data is safe & secure
SSL Encryption, SSO, PCI Compliance; hosted on AWS. Find out more
Share Task Responsibility
Share Task Responsibility
Assign teammates to tasks for quick and clear delegation
Sync across your devices
Sync across your devices
Stay connected as changes to Ayoa update automatically

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Whether you need the free basic plan or something more advanced for your entire team, Ayoa has the solution to suit your needs. Ready to start exploring Ayoa’s features?


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Whether you need to work online or offline, any time and from anywhere, Ayoa offers complete flexibility with a selection of apps available to download for free.

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