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Yearly Goals Radial Map
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What is a Radial Map?

When it comes to setting goals, stay organised with Radial Maps. Inspired by the pie-chart we all know so well, Radial Maps are a versatile tool for idea generation, goal tracking, and project management.

Start with your central project or idea, then split this up into categories by adding multiple segments to your map. Break these down even further by adding child segments to these segments. These can be more specific to what you need to do to actually achieve these goals – and Ayoa gives you all the task management tools you need to put them into action.



Radial Maps DNA


See everything at a glance: no goal is too big when Radial Maps compactly encompass everything which needs to be done. Tunnel vision your way to success without distractions.


Never lose sight of your goals: with your overall aim being in the centre of your map, staying on track is easy. View all steps at a glance to see everything you need to do.


Break down large projects: work backwards (outwards) by turning your objective into more manageable segments to ensure nothing is missed and you progress with ease.


Ayoa: the essence of mind maps

In Ayoa you will find not only Radial Maps but everything you could ever imagine when it comes to mind mapping! Edit colours, add images, and even add fun emojis to fire up your creativity. Organise your ideas how you see fit by switching between Radial, Organic, Capture and Speed mind maps in a simple click. Promote your ideas from mind maps into tasks which inspire action.

Plus, with the brain being able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, your friends, family and colleagues will love working in Ayoa’s mind maps alongside you. Especially when you can notify each other of ideas via comments, deliver presentations, try out artificial intelligence together and more!

Ayoa as a whole


Radial Maps Inspiration

Degree radial maps


  • Remember and visualise the small weekly tasks which make up modules.
  • Focus on specific modules and cancel out the noise of other distracting modules.
  • Complete the task in hand easier by not being overwhelmed by everything else.
Project management

Project management

  • Pivot selectively between project priorities to give them complete attention.
  • Boost productivity by zoning in on and attending details which matter.
  • Remain true to your project’s main aim at all times.
Priority Planner

Priority planner

  • Keep all of your personal ‘to do’s’ in your one mind map.
  • Holistically develop by balancing your priorities for every day/ week/ month.
  • Stimulate urgency through colour coding segments.


Benefits of Radial Mapping

  • Avoids time wasting

  • Complete tasks quicker

  • Focus on tasks in hand

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