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NEW! Smash your goals with Radial Maps

When it comes to setting goals, reach for the stars with Radial Maps. Give structure to your projects and ideas in this visually inspiring pie-chart style map.

Available on web and desktop

Radial Maps - Ayoa  

Get motivated to achieve your goals and make them a reality

With NEW Radial Maps in Ayoa, no project is too big and no goal is unachievable. Quickly see everything you need to do at a glance, and give structure to your aims and ideas by putting them in a colorful and visually stimulating pie-chart – then adjust the size of each segment to signify their importance.

What is a Radial Map?

Inspired by the pie-chart, Radial Maps are a great versatile tool for idea generation, goal setting and tracking, and project management.

Start with your central project or idea, then split this up into categories by adding multiple segments to your map. You can then break these down even further by adding children to these segments. These can be more specific to what you need to do to actually achieve these goals – and Ayoa gives you all the task management tools you need to put them into action.


See the big picture

With your overall aim always in the center of your map, you’ll never lose sight of your goals – so it’s easy to stay motivated. View all steps at a glance to see everything you need to do, or zoom in on individual segments to see the finer details.

See every goal in your Radial Map
Break big tasks down in Radial Maps

Break big tasks down

Working on a large project? Break it down into smaller, more manageable steps that radiate from the center out and avoid the overwhelm. Determine everything that you need to complete, and ensure that nothing’s missed along the way.

Prioritize your workload

Adjust the size of the segments in your Radial Map to indicate levels of priority, or even just how big each goal or task is. At a glance, you’ll know which steps are most important, carry more weight or will take longer to complete.

Change the sizes of goals in your Radial Map
Customize the segments in your Radial Map

Customize your map

Add images, edit the colors of your segments and text, and even add fun emojis to your map to inspire your creativity. This will also help you to organize your ideas, add context to your goals, and make your map more visually engaging.

Share it with others

Invite your team to your Radial Map directly in Ayoa to present shared goals and get feedback on whatever you’re working on. You can also easily export your map as a text or image PDF to print or share it with others outside of Ayoa.

Invite people to your Radial Map in Ayoa
Change your Mind Map style

Switch between views

Got an existing Mind Map in Ayoa that you’d like to view as a Radial Map? No problem. With the simple click of a button, you can quickly switch between Radial, Organic and Speed Mind Maps as and when you need to.

Ready to start turning your goals into achievements?
Discover Radial Maps today.

Radial Maps are not currently available on Android or iOS.


We offer a number of pricing plans for you and your team, so you can save money and pay in the way that suits you best.


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