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Mind Mapping is one of the first steps in the innovation process. It’s a powerful tool you can use to achieve creative success!

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creativity organic mind map
organic mind map

What is an Organic Mind Map?

Inspired by the hand-drawn Mind Map, Organic Mind Maps in Ayoa use curvilinear branches to support your natural thinking processes. A natural way of organising information, Organic Mind Mapping allows you to capture and expand on your ideas – for infinite and unrestricted creative thinking.

The great thing about Organic mind mapping is there are no limitations; it can be used for any task or project, but puts an artistic spin on the appearance of your presentation.



Organic mind map DNA


Bring your vision to life: when words alone don’t do your ideas justice, express them fully through images and flexible branches to inspirationally reflect your thinking.


Visually strengthen your memory: build a concise overview of any topic, letting stimulating imagery do the heavy-lifting so you can remember everything.


Unlock your creativity with imagery: beginning with an eye-catching central image to anchor your ideas to, grow your thoughts in any direction as you expand your creativity.


Ayoa: the essence of mind maps

In Ayoa you will find not only Organic Maps but everything you could ever imagine when it comes to mind mapping! Edit colours, add images, and even add fun emojis to fire up your creativity. Organise your ideas how you see fit by switching between Organic, Radial, and Capture mind maps in a simple click. Promote your ideas from mind maps into tasks which inspire action.

Plus, with the brain being able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, your friends, family and colleagues will love working in Ayoa’s mind maps alongside you. Especially when you can notify each other of ideas via comments, deliver presentations, try out artificial intelligence together and more!

Ayoa as a whole


Organic Mind Map Inspiration

education organic mind map


  • Useful when they have a lot of small modules, therefore have many small tasks they must do every week.
  • Visual stimulants for topics when it comes to exams. The mind is able to make associations with particular colors/ images.
tech companies organic mind map

Tech companies

  • More free space for ideas
  • No need for screen sharing
  • No app switching
creativity organic mind map

Priority planner

  • Keep all ‘to do’s’ in one mind map
  • Focus on any particular task you want to achieve that day.
  • Color coding your branches in red, amber, green will also give a visual stimulant for the urgency on what tasks need prioritising.


Benefits of Organic Mind Mapping

  • Avoids time wasting

  • Complete tasks quicker

  • Focus on tasks in hand

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