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Ayoa already comprises some really powerful features – we’re the world’s leading innovation tool – but there’s still lots more to come. Our super-talented development team are working hard to make Ayoa the best tool it can be.

Of course, we can’t predict the future and plans are subject to change – but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a heads-up on what’s to come and what to get excited for. This page will be updated as and when we make progress so keep your eyes peeled for changes and upcoming features.

Up next…

Ayoa Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Whiteboard improvements – We will be continuing to implement bug fixes and make on-going improvements to our brand new whiteboards feature, so you can have endless possibilities when it comes to brainstorming ideas, planning projects and analyzing your work.

Ayoa Whiteboards for iOS and Android

Whiteboards for mobile – Our all-in-one whiteboards will be coming soon to Android and iOS so you can update your projects and capture ideas on the go!

Present your Ayoa Whiteboards

Present whiteboards (Ultimate only) – Impress your team by presenting your whiteboard to your team virtually or in person with our slick presentation functionality. Draw frames around areas of interest on your whiteboard, then present these as slides in your presentation.

Document editor - whiteboards

Document editor – whiteboards – Create and edit documents directly within your whiteboards in Ayoa, so you can complete work efficiently and avoid swtiching between apps.


Translations – Ayoa is currently available in English, Korean, Japanese, French and Chinese (Simplified), and will soon be available in a number of additional languages including Brazilian Portuguese.

Coming soon…

Ayoa Gantt Timeline View

Gantt timeline dependency improvements (Pro & Ultimate only) – Improvements to the way task dependencies work: should a task be pushed back, any dependent tasks will automatically be pushed back too.

Ayoa Gantt Timeline View

Gantt timeline RAG indicator (Pro & Ultimate only) – We will also be implementing a RAG (red, amber, green) indicator system to allow teams to communicate task status and progress.

Branch to task multiselect

Branch to Task Multi-select (Pro & Ultimate only) – Got a bunch of branches you want to turn into tasks? With this new functionality, you’ll be able to multi-select your branches and turn them into tasks that you can drop straight into a Task Board.


Please note that feature descriptions, designs and release dates may be subject to change. New features may not be available on all plans.


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To see a detailed breakdown of our web updates, view our release notes by clicking below. Alternatively, click here for iOS and Android release notes.


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