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USP Analysis template image

USP Analysis template

Define a unique selling proposition for your brand that will encourage your customers to choose you over your biggest competitors with Ayoa’s USP Analysis template.

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Idea Funnel Backlog template image

Idea Funnel Backlog template

Keep your team’s idea backlog and agreed tasks organized in one place so everyone is aware of your key priorities with Ayoa’s Idea Funnel Backlog template.

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Go-To-Market Strategy template image

Go-To-Market Strategy template

Launching a new product or service? Create an effective plan for how your company will bring it to market with Ayoa’s Go-To-Market Strategy template.

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Storyboard Template image

Storyboard Template

Visually showcase the narrative of a fictional story or advertising campaign in sequential order using Ayoa’s Storyboard template.

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Six Thinking Hats template image

Six Thinking Hats template

Ensure your team’s thinking is focused and productive by separating your thinking into clear functions and roles with our Six Thinking Hats template.

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Gap Analysis template image

Gap Analysis template

Identify what’s missing from your business processes, products or services and devise a plan for how you can make improvements using Ayoa’s Gap Analysis template.

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Content Calendar template image

Content Calendar template

Create a clear schedule of the content you’re working on for your company or clients, and ensure that everyone is on the same page with Ayoa’s Content Calendar template.

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Critical Thinking template image

Critical Thinking template

Effectively describe, analyze and evaluate any topic that can be used to aid critical writing or academic essays with Ayoa’s Critical Thinking template.

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Client Project Brief template image

Client Project Brief template

Keep everyone on the same page when working on a client project by clarifying goals, planned actions, and other important details with Ayoa’s Client Project Brief template.

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Client Report template image

Client Report template

Create clear and visual reports that perfectly demonstrate the results your marketing agency is generating for your clients using Ayoa’s Client Report template.

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Event Planning template image

Event Planning template

Map out all the key elements of your event, from agenda through to marketing activities, and evaluate its success with Ayoa’s Event Planning template.

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Customer Journey Map template image

Customer Journey Map template

Want to ensure your customers keep coming back? Put yourself in their shoes, so you can design the perfect experience that leads them to conversion with Ayoa’s Customer Journey Map template.

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