Everything you need in one place

Sticky notes

Sticky notes

Capture quick ideas and comments on your whiteboard using sticky notes that come in a variety of colors and styles.

Freehand Drawings

Freehand drawings

Like a physical whiteboard, customize and personalize your ideas using our freehand pen tool.



Add context to your whiteboard by attaching files and documents from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.



Divide up content into containers so you can stay organized. Turn the section into an idea board or task board later.



Add inspiring images to your board from the Unsplash library, your computer or draw one yourself using sketch.

Text and Shapes

Text & Shapes

Easily add text and a variety of shapes to your board to keep it organized, engaging and productive!



For processes that need to be mapped out step by step, create a flowchart to visualize the process in sequential order.



Add some detail to your project by using numerical lists; great for instructions, to-do lists and to indicate order and priority.


Neurodiversity Illustration

For neurodiversity and beyond

It’s estimated that around 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent (meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently). Ayoa’s flexible and visual design and the endless possibilities that our intuitive whiteboards present make it easy for people to work together no matter their differences.

Learn more about neurodiversity

Endless possibilities with templates

Not sure how to get started? Choose from a range of templates to get you up and running.

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  • Education Mind Map Examples - Essay Writing - AyoaDaily To-Do List
  • Education Mind Map Examples - Essay Writing - AyoaDesign Brief
  • Education Mind Map Examples - Essay Writing - AyoaOne Page Marketing Plan
  • Education Mind Map Examples - Essay Writing - AyoaMeeting Agenda
  • Education Mind Map Examples - Essay Writing - AyoaSMART Goals


Everything you need, all-in-one

Making app-switching a thing of the past, Ayoa is the only tool you’ll need to manage your everyday work.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping

Foster, incubate and develop your best ideas with mind maps. Changing your thinking with powerful ideation will do incredible things for your work – because better ideas mean bigger wins.



Whether you’re taking meeting notes or planning a project, whiteboards let you do it all. Use a template from our extensive library or begin with a blank canvas - the choice is yours.

Task Management

Task management

You know how you work best. Ayoa’s multi-view take on task management offers interchangeable viewing styles so you can put ideas into action, meet deadlines and get things done your way.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Communication is the foundation of every great team. With chat, task assignment and comments, keep conversations focused and your team updated - no matter where you are.

Choose the view that suits you

Ayoa mindmap view

Mind map

Also known as a brainstorm, mind maps are an amazing tool for discovering great ideas.

Ayoa canvas view

Canvas view

Display tasks and projects in this colorful bubble canvas that’s sure to inspire creativity.

Ayoa radial view

Radial map

This pie-chat style map is perfect for setting goals or visualizing the steps in a project.

Ayoa kanban view

Kanban board

Move tasks through a process all the way to completion with our Kanban-style workflow view.

Ayoa team view

Team view

Get a quick overview of team availability and see what everyone’s working on in Ayoa’s team pulse.

Ayoa gantt view

Gantt chart

For projects where time is of the essence, use gantt timeline view to effectively monitor task progress.