1 in 10 students are dyslexic

If you have dyslexia, then you will already know that it can make certain tasks more difficult, such as reading, writing, and spelling, as well as affecting your memory and organisation skills. This can make various aspects of learning more challenging for various reasons.

Do you struggle with:

✔ Taking notes in lessons, seminars and lectures?
✔ Planning presentations?
✔ Keeping track of deadlines and exam dates?
✔ Revising for tests and exams?
✔ Structuring essays, reports and other written work?

If you can relate to any of these, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ayoa is assistive software that can help you manage your work, and it has a number of features that can help with these struggles – and because Ayoa is DSA approved, dyslexic university students based in the UK can use Ayoa for free. Sign up for free and find out how to apply for the DSA below.

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How can Ayoa help me?

Combining Mind Mapping tools with Task Management features, and available on Web, iOS and Android, Ayoa can benefit dyslexic students in the following ways:

Taking notes in a Mind Map

Taking notes

Quickly capture all the facts you need in a shorter form that’s easier to process later by putting them into a highly visual Mind Map.

Keeping track of deadlines in Ayoa

Keeping track of deadlines

Manage assignments, large projects and meeting and exam dates in dedicated Task Boards and set Due Dates and Reminders.

Mind Map of revision notes

Revising for tests and exams

Break down complex information and use imagery, colours and associations to make it easier to memorise for important exams.

Essay plan Mind Map

Planning work

Not sure how to structure an essay, story or presentation? Plan out every part with visual, customisable Mind Maps and Task Boards.

Ready to discover how Ayoa can help you?

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What is DSA and am I eligible for it?

The DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) is a grant that’s available to students that have a disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty or neurological difference (such as dyslexia or dyspraxia). It covers specialist equipment and software that can aid your learning (such as Ayoa), as well as non-medical helpers and extra travel.

The DSA is something that doesn’t need to be repaid, and it can be claimed on top of your regular student finance. The amount you’re entitled to will depend on your individual needs, not your household income. Please see the official GOV.UK website for more information, including how to apply for DSA.


How do I claim DSA for Ayoa?

Once your eligibility for DSA has been confirmed by Student Finance England or Student Finance Wales, you will need to get in touch with an assessment centre to determine what help you need. At this stage, you can express your interest in using Ayoa to aid in your learning, and find out how you can access it or upgrade your free account to use its full features through your DSA.

Find your nearest assessment centre in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland:

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Dyslexia information for educators

If any of your students struggle with dyslexia (or you simply suspect they may), you will need to provide them with additional support and make your lessons, lectures and seminars more accessible to them. In the classroom, enquire about equipment and software that can help them (such as Ayoa, text-to-speech software and reader pens), as well as make any reading material you provide easier to process.

If your students are in university, you should encourage them to apply for the DSA and provide them with advice on how to do so.

Need help making accessible resources or spotting the signs of dyslexia in students? Check out our quick guides below:


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