Dyslexia resources from Ayoa

Despite dyslexia affecting around 1 in 10 people in the UK alone, there are still a number of misconceptions surrounding the condition, as well as confusion about how to help those with dyslexia overcome their challenges, boost their confidence and foster the great skills they do possess – from creative thinking, to problem solving.

We have created a number of downloadable resources on dyslexia for educators and employers, as well as students and employees who are affected by this neurological difference.

From tips on identifying the signs and symptoms at various ages, to advice on providing support to those with dyslexia, we hope you find the information you need below.


For education

Free dyslexia resources for students, teachers and other educators.

How to create dyslexia friendly content
Tips for teaching dyslexic students
Idenfiying dyslexia in children
Identifying dyslexia in teenagers
Commonly confused letters, numbers and words - dyslexia

For workplaces

Free dyslexia resources for employers, HR departments and workers.

How to create dyslexia friendly content
Identifying dyslexia in the workplace
How HR departments can support dyslexic workers
Tips for helping your dyslexia at work

Assitive technology for dyslexia

Ayoa is a visual work management tool that is the perfect aid for those with dyslexia in the workplace or education. Combining Task Management features with Mind Mapping capabilities, it helps users better organize their work and keep track of their deadlines, as well as think more creatively and structure their ideas for projects.

Ayoa is also a DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) approved supplier for Student Finance England.

What is the DSA and am I eligible for it?

Find out more about our assistive tech for dyslexia or try it for free: