Assistive technology for dyslexia

Assistive technology is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with neurological differences.
This is why assistive software is a great way to support those with dyslexia.


Introducing Ayoa

Ayoa is a Mind Mapping tool perfectly suited to those with dyslexia. With a unique combination of Mind Mapping and Task Management features, Ayoa allows users to not only develop and organize ideas, but turn these into tasks with its practical and action-based features.

Ayoa is available on web and mobile. Click here to view and download all of Ayoa’s apps.


As a subscription-based tool, Ayoa has a number of pricing plans available depending on the number of people in your team and how often you’d like to pay. We also offer a education discount on annual plans. To find out more, please visit our pricing page.


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DSA approved software

Ayoa is DSA approved

Ayoa is a DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) approved supplier for Student Finance England.
Find out more about DSA for students, who is eligible for funding, and how to apply.



What are the benefits of Ayoa for dyslexia?

Mind Mapping is an invaluable technique for anyone, and especially for those with dyslexia. With a structure that radiates from the center out, Mind Maps allow information to be viewed visually, rather than in a linear way. As those with dyslexia often have a natural tendency towards creative thinking, visual learning can provide an extremely effective way to manage daily tasks.

Ayoa has a uniquely visual interface designed to inspire creative thinking. Check out some of Ayoa’s key features below:


Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Choose from a variety of Mind Mapping styles including a hand-drawn style and auto-layout.


Customize Your Work

Edit colors and add images to personalize your maps and kickstart your creative thinking.

Big Picture vs. Detail

Big Picture vs. Detail

Easily see the big picture, and focus in on specific tasks and ideas when necessary.

Idea to Task

Idea to Task

An idea remains just an idea until actioned. Turn ideas straight into actionable tasks.

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  • Completely free
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