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Welcoming Mind Mapping to Ayoa – it’s time to start doing your best work

We live in a world obsessed with productivity. We want things done, and we want them done now – but here at OpenGenius, we like to look at things from every angle. Productivity is great, but is it inherently enough to help you achieve your best work?

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How Ayoa overhauls the modern work process

The digital world has irrevocably changed the way we work. In many ways, things have become easier – we are connected to people from all around the world, 24/7. We no longer need to be physically in the same room as someone in order to work with them. Yet, on the other hand, things have also become more complicated.

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How technology hinders productivity

In Back to the Future II, Marty McFly soars to the future date of 21st October 2015. It’s an iconic scene, and a bizarre one to watch back in the present day. We know now that this 80s vision for the future is fairly inaccurate; we have no streets filled with flying cars or self-tying trainers.

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What is Mind Mapping and how can you use it?

Mind Maps can be an invaluable tool in the creative thinking process. A Mind Mind is a visual thinking tool, ideal for brainstorming, exploring ideas and presenting information in a uniquely visual way.

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