Neurodiversity in education

Due to their ability to think differently, many neurodivergent students are excellent creative thinkers and problem solvers. Ensuring that neurodiversity is celebrated and supported is key to an inclusive learning environment.

How Ayoa supports students


Here at Ayoa, we’re dedicated to supporting every student at every stage of their education. Our inclusive software is designed to help students of all learning styles and abilities achieve their best work.

How Ayoa helps students - Revision


Ayoa helps you to break up your subject content into different categories to make your revision more manageable – and save you from getting lost in a sea of revision cards.

How Ayoa helps students - Notes


Ayoa makes taking notes a breeze, allowing you to collate information quickly and efficiently. Ayoa’s neurodiversity-friendly mind maps are a great way to capture notes and ideas.

How Ayoa helps students - Notes


Ayoa helps you to structure essays and other written work. Identifying the key areas you want to cover will give you a strong framework which you can easily follow when writing up your assignment.

Ayoa hosts a number of neurodiversity-friendly features, including:


Neurodiversity exports - Ayoa

Exporting options, including PDFs, Word documents and images.

Neurodiversity planner - Ayoa

Personal planner with category names taken from the Pictorial Exchange Communication System.

Neurodiversity speed keys - Ayoa

Speed keys for keyboard navigation and control.

Neurodiversity colors - Ayoa

Change the background colours for easy reading.

Neurodiversity collaboration - Ayoa

Collaborate with others using comments, instant messaging & video chat.

Neurodiversity friendly font - Ayoa

Neurodiversity-friendly font, OpenSans, used across the app.


Needs assessors - Ayoa

We support needs assessors

Looking for assistive software to recommend to your students? Discover how Ayoa, our all-in-one, inclusive assistive software, helps aid students in their studies.

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DSA approved - Ayoa

Ayoa is DSA approved

Ayoa is a DSA (Disabled Student Allowance) approved supplier for Student Finance England.

Ayoa is also British Dyslexia Association Assured. Being an assured product means that in the opinion of the British Dyslexia Association the product is effective at identifying or supporting dyslexia.


Dyslexia resources

Download our free dyslexia resources for students, teachers and other educators.

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We have a range of templates designed for students. Click the button below to explore our educational templates, or contact us if you have a suggestion for a new template.

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