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Ayoa’s Morning of the Exam Ritual template highlights that although it is common to feel anxious and stressed before entering an exam, there are simple yet effective ways to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Ready to get started with this template? It’s ready and waiting in Ayoa! Create your account, then simply open the app, select ‘create whiteboard’ from the homepage and choose this template from the library.

What is a ‘Morning of the Exam’ ritual?

Creating a morning of exam routine tailored specifically to you is an important task in the overall exam process.

As you will have learnt throughout your revision, an exam is more than just a few hours you spend in an exam hall writing your answers. In fact over days, weeks, or even months, preparation galore is what is needed. Don’t drop the batton of preparation just before your exam and make sure to keep it going all the way up to the very morning of your exam.

Planning these steps on a personalised mind map offers you time to be creative, adding any colour, pictures and emojis to help make things stand out.

Why should you use the Morning of the Exam Ritual template?

The internet is filled with many different tips and tricks on how to feel less stressed during the exam season. However, the Ayoa Morning of the Exam Ritual template offers you a fun space to explore a ritual more adapted to your specific needs. It also offers various options at each stage of your preparation to choose from to give you some inspiration, as after all, you’ve got your exam to think about!

How to use our Morning of the Exam Ritual template

The Morning of Exam Ritual template step-by-step guide takes some of your stress away and helps you focus on the big exam day.


To access the template, sign up to Ayoa for free. Once you’ve signed up, navigate to the homepage before selecting “Create New” and choosing a new mind map. Finally, find and open Morning of the Exam Ritual from the available templates.


Firstly, identify any tasks that can be done the night before your exam. This will be added to the ‘Prep’ section of the mind map. In our example we’ve included steps such as laying out your outfit and preparing your bag. Deciding on what will make you feel relaxed in preparation for your big day is however down to you, so add any further steps you would like to get out of the way the night before.

Remember, there is a feature within Ayoa that allows you to switch between each style of mind map, allowing you to explore your best visual representation of your morning ritual.


Setting out the ‘morning of exam’ activities will be the most important part of the process. The first key area to focus on is ‘at home’. This includes having some time for your mind to relax, getting food and water into your body, and allowing yourself enough time to leave for your exam so you do not add extra stress to your day. Whilst you’re still in the comfort of your home, what else could you do there to help feel ready for your upcoming exam? Add it to the mind map so you don’t forget!


Once you feel you are ready to set off for your exam, it is time to undertake the ‘walk’ part of the mind map ritual. One of the most important steps to carry out is to ensure you leave early, to avoid any delays adding to your stressful day. To keep yourself accountable to being on time, arrange to meet a friend from your course who is also going to the exam. This can often be helpful for settling nerves, and if you feel it is necessary, you can ask to talk about topics other than your exam to help take your mind off it.

Planning your walk before you’re going to be sat down for a long time in a silent exam hall is actually more important than you think. It’s a time for you to get some fresh air, stretch your legs and talk with others, so add to your mind map what you want your walk to be like. Will you walk the scenic route? What will you discuss with your coursemates?


The closing step on your mind map will be the ‘while waiting’ element. Ayoa’s mind maps are useful for attaching web links, so attaching a link to breathing exercises while waiting outside your exam hall may help settle your nerves, or an interesting podcast to distract your mind.


Remember, display options such as dark mode and auto focus could be useful when your mind is feeling chaotic, giving a less harsh background and making it easier to read the information you’ve put down. You may also want to add soft pastel colours, emojis, and even checklists so you get visual satisfaction when being able to tick off each task completed.


Lastly, if you continue to use Ayoa’s Morning of the exam ritual template, you can be sure to have a more relaxed exam experience and stay focused on your mental wellbeing.

Ready to get started with this template? It’s ready and waiting in Ayoa! Create your account, then simply open the app, select ‘create whiteboard’ from the homepage and choose this template from the library.

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