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What is Workflow?

A Workflow task board is ideal for those who enjoy a linear working style. This style allows your brain to make simple, straightforward connections in a sequential order. Implementing a workflow methodology can be vital to ensure a successful planning process, with the results showing higher quality decisions. It allows users to achieve their productivity goals, by having a visual checklist of their tasks to complete.

Gain greater clarity on your goals, have better time management, and benefit from higher motivation with a simplified to-do list.



Workflow DNA


Categorise your work: clearly defined categories reduce the risk of veering off track when organising tasks. With the option of dyslexia view these categories stand out even further!


Develop long lasting habits: the only way to attain achievements is through consistency. Improve confidence and gain momentum by remaining dedicated to a selection of reliable and repeatable tasks which work for you.


Simple delegation: jotting down tasks in a familiar list format reduces overthinking and the need for excessive planning, opening up more time for you to explore your creative ideas.


Task Management Your Way

In Ayoa you have the flexibility to complete any project creatively. Organise your ideas in a way that works for you, changing the style of your task board between Workflow, Gantt, and Canvas View in a simple click.

Plus, why not do more than just manage your tasks? Make sure that you get the right tasks done! In Ayoa’s Ultimate package, with the addition of visual thinking tools like AI mind maps and whiteboards, you can be certain that your true vision comes to life at the end of your project.

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