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What is Canvas View?

Canvas View is a unique format that displays your task boards in a visually pleasing manner, giving a playful twist to otherwise tiresome tasks. Use a fresh canvas to paint all your To-Do’s and instantly gain a clearer picture of everything you need to get done.

By being able to see what you have on your plate in Canvas View, the additional interactivity of this style through moving around and connecting task bubbles with dependencies means you will have a clear route to success to follow.



Canvas View DNA


Stay interested in your tasks: give your tasks a makeover with Canvas view! Create a fun task board with colours and images that suit your way of thinking. See quite literally everything at a glance – from the importance and urgency of a task, to its progress.


Organise visually: divide your tasks in various categories and colour code them accordingly. Canvas view makes your task boards easy to understand through colour, imagery and symbols.


Be on the same page: in Canvas View’s there are no shadowy corners where hidden tasks might suddenly emerge from. Here, the whole team can see the full picture, clearly knowing who is assigned to what, how much progress has been made and what the final goal is.


Task Management Your Way

In Ayoa you have the flexibility to complete any project creatively. Organise your ideas in a way that works for you, changing the style of your task board between Canvas View, Gantt, and Workflow in a simple click.

Plus, why not do more than just manage your tasks? Make sure that you get the right tasks done! In Ayoa’s Ultimate package, with the addition of visual thinking tools like AI mind maps and whiteboards, you can be certain that your true vision comes to life at the end of your project.

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