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What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is one of the most useful ways to show activities over a period of time, allowing you to better visualise the past, present, and future of your project. Displayed on the left of the chart is your list of tasks or activities, with a timeline along the top. This allows you to see, at a glance, when a task begins and ends, how tasks overlap with other tasks, and a better idea of a start and end date for your project.

Organising your tasks digitally is a great way to stay organised and productive, leaving room for your mind to be as creative as it can be. Gantts take this a step further, allowing you to focus on each task fully, knowing that you’re always on time.



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Keep track of time: a Gantt timeline lets you move step by step through a process, while still keeping an eye on what’s needed one week, month, or year down the line. Set milestones and better track your progress so you never fall behind.


Conquer complex workloads: allow yourself to do more through the efficient time management afforded by the use of Gantt charts. Small projects may be manageable through a calendar or workflow, but what about larger scale projects, dissertations, or big collaborations? Work smarter, not harder.


Automate your workload: working through a difficult project is hard. With the help of a Gantt, you can streamline your resources and take away the stress of organisation. You can set up dependencies to automate changes to your tasks, set reminders, and sync your chart with your digital calendars, leaving you more time to focus.


Gantt Chart Examples

For Final Year Project

Working on a dissertation or final year project is a huge undertaking. If you’ve never engaged in serious research before, it can be hard to know where to even begin. A Gantt chart allows you to plan the process step by step, as small as you need to, so you can work backwards from handing in your project to your first reading for it.

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For Project Management

A Gantt chart is the perfect tool for project managers that have a lot to manage over any period of time. They’re battle-tested in this field of work, and made simple and intuitive by Ayoa’s interface. This lets you collaborate with others to better manage your team as well as your tasks, and ensure that the whole project is on track with a quick glance.

For Marketing Campaigns

Planning a marketing campaign is tricky, especially if you don’t have a method for keeping it on track. Gantt charts offer an easy solution for visualising a campaign in its entirety, knowing who is responsible for what task, and seeing team progress instantly. This can be true if you’re creating a traditional marketing campaign, or for campaigns via social media, keeping track of posting dates and key campaign milestones.

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For Event Planning

Using a Gantt chart for your event planning sets you up for success on the day with a visual system that’s easy for you to follow. With strict deadlines to meet and a growing list of tasks to accomplish, you can make sure you get there, without forgetting anything important. Within Ayoa, you can attach details and documents to your task, so that everything you need for event success is all in one place and you can execute the details flawlessly.


Task Management Your Way

In Ayoa you have the flexibility to complete any project creatively. Organise your ideas in a way that works for you, changing the style of your task board between Gantt, Worfklow, and Canvas View in a simple click.

Plus, why not do more than just manage your tasks? Make sure that you get the right tasks done! In Ayoa’s Ultimate package, with the addition of visual thinking tools like AI mind maps and whiteboards, you can be certain that your true vision comes to life at the end of your project.

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