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January 23, 2020

How can I improve my study skills with Mind Mapping?

by Louise Cunnah posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | How can I improve my study skills with Mind Mapping?
Mind Mapping is a powerful study technique that every student should be taking advantage of. This creative thinking tool helps many across the globe revolutionize the way they make notes, boost their memory and improve the way they prioritize vital information for projects and exams. It can provide a great alternative learning method to people in education whose brains do not respond positively to traditional linear note-taking, may find studying boring, or anyone that simply struggles to concentrate or process information for this very reason.

Fortunately, Mind Mapping can change all that for many students. By using this popular creative thinking technique to make notes, students will find studying more enjoyable as Mind Maps can help them generate a greater number of original creative ideas and get information down onto the page faster. This is because they include keywords and short phrases instead of large walls of text, as well as imagery and colors, which makes them very visually stimulating.

In this article, find out why traditional note-taking doesn’t work for each and every student, and how Mind Mapping can be used as an alternative technique to improve study skills both quickly and easily.

What is traditional note-making?

Traditionally when studying, we make notes in a linear, list-style by making lines and lines of written information. By making notes in this way, we often end up with dense lines of text which are difficult to read and understand. Our creativity is not excited by linear, monochrome lists, meaning that we find ideas written in this way hard to read, and therefore don’t look forward to reviewing our notes.

This can be particularly true for those with dyslexia who often struggle to process written words quickly. This condition affects 1 in 10 people in the UK alone – so even if you don’t struggle with it yourself, it’s likely that someone else in your classroom does.

Additionally, by writing notes in a list format, you are forced to isolate pieces of information, so you may feel unable to make connections between your ideas.

As an alternative, Mind Mapping is a great way to break down complex information into smaller, easy-to-read chunks, making it highly beneficial to those with dyslexia and other neurological differences. Mind Maps also encourage the brain to make associations between ideas and concepts, leading to the generation of more creative ideas.

What is Mind Mapping?

A Mind Map provides a visual representation of ideas that stem from one central theme. Individual ideas are displayed on branches that radiate out from the central bubble. To use Mind Mapping for study, simply take the central subject and then organize your notes around this point.

Online Mind Mapping software (such as Ayoa’s Mind Map study tool) can be especially beneficial as they can make the process even quicker and easier. If you make a mistake, simply delete or change the information without needing to cross things out and making a mess of your map. You’ll also be able to access your ideas wherever you are and on any device.

What are the benefits of Mind Mapping while studying?

Mind Mapping for studying

Mind Maps appeal to your senses with their flowing layout and other visual elements. These can include images, colored text, branches and boxes, and curved branches, which all add emphasis and ensure that you will remember your notes!

Why is this so effective? Here are some visual learning statistics to sink your teeth into. Around 65% percent of the population are said to be visual learners, while the brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than written information. In fact, visual aids in the classroom can also improve learning by up to 400%.

By noting down only keywords and phrases, you can save vital time while studying. Also, when you go on to write essays or study for exams after using your Mind Maps, you will recall the most important information. According to the ‘chunking strategy’, breaking down complex information into smaller units makes it easier to recall from memory.

Mind Maps are also great for boosting your creative thinking; by simply building your Mind Map, you’ll escalate your ability to generate new ideas. This is because Mind Maps accelerate your brain’s ability to make links between ideas, adds connections and puts thoughts in order to generate further creative ideas. Your brain responds to Mind Mapping as it replicates our natural thinking processes, so you will find your ideas simply flow onto the page, making studying more enjoyable and more fun!

Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa

Mind Mapping as study skills

The Mind Map study technique is extremely versatile, being transferable to various activities both inside and outside of the classroom. This tool can improve any aspect of study, including:

How could Ayoa improve my study skills?

Ayoa is a highly effective Mind Map study tool that’s easily customizable to whatever process you’re carrying out – whether you’re creating a presentation or revising for that big maths exam you have coming up. With the option to choose from quick-box style Mind Maps and creative Mind Maps (with adjustable curving branches, images, emojis, different colored text and various branch styles), it’s easy to customize your Map to whatever you’re working on. There are also a number of templates available to help you get started.

With Ayoa’s Task Management features, you can also keep track of your various tasks, for example, your next essay assignment. Set Due Dates and Reminders and prioritize them by Now, Next and Soon for easy organization. This ensures you never miss an important deadline, or leave studying to the last minute.

Ready to start improving your creativity and productivity and boosting your study skills? Try Ayoa for free today.

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