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Use revision techniques that work

You can only get the results you want if you use the right methods to get there. Ayoa is designed to work with your brain, which means less apps, less distraction, less overwhelm .

Revision technique post it notes

Study smarter, not harder

Keep everything in one place, stay efficient, and see long-term results.

A clock helps your revision

Remember more

Improve your memory with spaced repetition strategies and brain-based techniques.

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Use active learning

Stop passively revising, and use active strategies to get the grades you deserve.

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Make time for life

Improve how you revise to make time for the stuff you love, and more time to relax.

switch views to master your revision technique

Switch Views

Work with your mind, and change your mind maps or task boards to a view that suits how you need to revise.

present mode lets you revise by teaching others easily

Present Mode

Boost your learning strategy by teaching others or presenting your work. Ayoa’s present mode makes this 10x easier.

task boards for revision

Task Boards

Use reminders, set priority, add a due date. Create automatically repeating tasks so you can revise efficiently.

capture maps lets you get out all your thoughts at once

Capture Maps

Use capture maps to quickly get your best ideas down. Make unexpected connections to show off in the exam.



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Stay ahead in your revision

Ayoa is transforming how you revise. Work with your brain, boost your grades, and get the grades you were always meant to have.

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