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Mind map your way to exam success!

Revision can feel hopeless, repetitive and the least fun thing to do when you can’t retain knowledge. With mind maps though all the negatives of revising are banished. Stemming from one central bubble, mind maps radiate outwards in an engaging way which mirrors your learning style as you expand your knowledge.

Remember all of your revision in one app built around mind maps – Ayoa!

revision notes pinned to a board

Cover your whole curriculum

The unpredictability of exams means that a lot has to be revised. Don’t leave this to chance by never running out of space with Ayoa’s infinite canvases.

Remember your revision in a flash

Work with your brain by fusing keywords, colour and images together to trigger instant recall of subjects with Ayoa’s mind maps which you can customise in any way!

female student revising at colourful, quirky desk

Make revision fun through progress

What’s more fun than achieving your aims? Turn black & white texts into dynamic, colourful pieces which speak to you and your brain, improving your knowledge in no time!


Ayoa's capture maps for revision

Build a knowledge base

Pool your entire knowledge upon a subject into one visual map with the quick-fire Capture Map mode so that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

arrows connecting items of a revision mind map

Re-enforce recall through connections

Advance every detail of your subject by forming visual connections between them, strengthening associations and highlighting key points.

a mind map with a brain at the centre

Maximise your visual brain and time

Work with the visual side of your brain to make recall easy-peasy. Use images to say a thousand words, saving you valuable revision time.

a quiz themed mind map for revision

Test yourself and others for free

Practice makes perfect when it comes to revising. Reveal knowledge sequentially in interactive mind map quizzes to see if you’re improving.


Ayoa devices for making a revision mind map

Ready to make a revision mind map?

Ayoa is is built around mind maps. In other words, it’s built around your brain to make revision a breeze and boost your grades with ease.

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