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What are Speed Maps?

Classic box-style Speed Maps enable you to quickly capture great ideas in a visual format without sacrificing your creativity. This format shows everyone has the power to be creative with the right tools. Mind mapping is one of the easiest and most powerful methods you can use to be more innovative, enabling you to boost your creativity and productivity levels. Whether you’re brainstorming on your own or with a group during a meeting, capture great ideas as they come to you so you can instantly put them into a structured plan of action.



Speed Maps DNA


Easy to use: focussed on getting ideas out of your head onto the canvas as quickly as possible, Speed Maps are a no frills form of mind map which anyone can pick up and get started with.


Clear layout: having a simple, structured mind map allows your ideas to flow without distractions during creation and also makes it easy to return to in a few weeks/ months.


Ruthlessly efficient ideation: as suggested by its title, the ‘Speed’ Map keeps up with your ideas as you go from blank canvas to organised plan in moments.


Ayoa: the essence of mind maps

In Ayoa you will find not only Speed Maps but everything you could ever imagine when it comes to mind mapping! Edit colours, add images, and even add fun emojis to fire up your creativity. Organise your ideas how you see fit by switching between Speed, Radial, Capture and Organic mind maps in a simple click. Promote your ideas from mind maps into tasks which inspire action.

Plus, with the brain being able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, your friends, family and colleagues will love working in Ayoa’s mind maps alongside you. Especially when you can notify each other of ideas via comments, deliver presentations, try out artificial intelligence together and more!

Ayoa as a whole


Speed Maps Inspiration

Writers example mind map


  • Quick fire ideas in a simple layout
  • Create easy links between ideas
  • Use presentation mode to follow each idea as a storyline
Education example mind map


  • Very effective for lecture note taking.
  • Great for essay planning
  • Simple structure makes it easier for students to follow lecture notes made a few months ago
Project planning

Project Planning

  • Use ‘dyslexia view’ idea bank to store ideas
  • Add ideas you want to turn into task in the task bar below


Benefits of Speed Mapping

  • Simple structure

  • Quick fire ideas

  • Supports both neurological and neurotypical individuals

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