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November 25, 2021

Discover The Genius Way to Mind Map

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Ayoa, Quick Tips, Video.

Ideas can be hard to get off the ground. Sure, after the first few appear, things pick up and the ideas start rolling – but how do you get things going when you’re drawing a blank? If you’ve ever had a group brainstorming session which picked up just as the meeting came to an end, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Mind maps are a tool which help naturally foster creative ideation by mirroring the natural thinking processes of our brains (and if you’ve ever seen a picture of a neuron you’ll know that mind maps mirror their organic shape). Still, it can be hard to go from 0 – 60 without a little inspiration. Luckily for you, Ayoa Ultimate offers a world-exclusive, AI-powered way to superpower your mind maps to a genius level – GenerateIdeas.ai. Mind mapping in this way is guaranteed to bring forth not only more ideas, but better quality ideas – think of it as rocket fuel for your brain. So if you want to find out the truly genius way to mind map, keep reading for three reasons why GenerateIdeas.ai will help you unlock your untapped brilliance.

No more burnout

Everybody gets burned out from time to time. Whether you’re working on a big project or juggling lots of to-dos, trying to generate ideas in such a state is like trying to run a car on empty. The beautiful thing about ideas is that they work through connection, i.e. as you start to come up with a few initial ideas, more naturally spark out until you’ve gone from two to twenty. But how to get that process started? An AI powered mind map is like fuel to the flames of your ideas. It works by instantly generating unique ideas, stimulating questions and concise explanations. With more fuel in your idea tank, you can now easily rocket away into a land of invention and innovation.

Wealth of ideas

As we’ve already discussed, ideas breed ideas. That means the more information and material you have to work with the better. Luckily for you, GenerateIdeas.ai in Ayoa is going to be your new, knowledgeable best friend. Containing 175 billion parameters amassed from 10% of the internet, you can naturally augment your thinking with just a few clicks. Doing so is guaranteed to boost the number of ideas in your innovative arsenal, which – in turn – improves the quality of your mind map. Whether you’re looking for solutions to a knotty business problem or sourcing ideas for a new business plan, Ayoa’s AI-powered mind mapping will help you find new, novel solutions and original outlooks so you can find the success you’re seeking.

Unlock your natural brilliance

For the traditionalists out there, AI-powered mind mapping might sound too much like giving up creative power. However, you need not worry. If you wouldn’t call collaboration cheating, then using AI isn’t, either. Instead, AI-powered mind mapping is all about unlocking your natural brilliance. When you get down to it, all creativity really is, is connecting dots and merging old ideas to form something new – not so much imagining new colours as blending other ones together to make a new one. From the greatest novelists to the greatest scientists, all the creative geniuses of the world begin with a springboard of inspiration which ultimately gets them from a starting idea to the full flourishing of its realisation. In this way, you can think of Ayoa’s addition of GenerateIdeas.ai as your very own inspiration machine – so you can unlock your own natural brilliance!

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