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February 7, 2018

Smarter layouts – making space for greater productivity

by Ayoa posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Smarter layouts – making space for greater productivity
*PLEASE NOTE – DropTask is now Ayoa – an all-in-one tool for idea generation and collaboration, that goes beyond traditional task management. Discover Ayoa and achieve your best work.*
We’d like to introduce an exciting new update to the way you get things done using DropTask. We’re making it a whole lot easier for you to bring order, prioritize and work through your daily tasks.

You may have noticed a refreshed layout in your Completed Tasks, Urgency Lists, and Workflow views. New, block-shaped tasks stack neatly for a more intuitive use of space. We know that the best way to stay productive is to never lose sight of your goals. The shape of the tasks in these views gives you greater visibility of what you need to get done, boosting your productivity and motivation as a result. This condensed overview of your workload can be easily arranged in an order that makes the most sense to you.

Enjoy a smarter Workflow View

Block-tasks in Workflow view

In Workflow View, our new look lets you work on projects and processes in a logical, linear order. When you switch from Canvas View to Workflow View, your circular tasks will transform into rectangular blocks, bringing their categories with them. If you’re a fan of the Kanban productivity method, you can build your tasks under customized boards in a compact list format. Then, drag and drop them along your ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’, ‘Done’ boards as they sail through your set process or timeline.

Adapt to shifts in priorities

Block-shaped tasks in updated Urgency Lists view

You’ll also find that block-shaped tasks save you a lot of space in Urgency Lists View – formerly known as List View. When you can see more of your tasks, setting urgency levels becomes a much smoother experience. For a project to succeed, you need to be ready to adapt to sudden shifts in priorities. Urgency List Views’ new layout is here for exactly that. When changes to your schedule happen, it is quick and painless to adjust your focus to those tasks that just became more urgent. The All Tasks Urgency Lists View allows you to see how any priority changes affect the rest of your current projects. To keep productivity levels high, it’s important to focus only on what requires your attention right now. We’re helping you to sharpen this focus by giving you three levels of task urgency across all views – normal, high and very high. On tasks that were previously set as low urgency, you’ll now see a low urgency tag instead.

Quick ticks for quick wins

Wherever you see these new-look tasks, you have the option to instantly mark them as complete with a brand new tick button. With just one click, you will fly through those ‘quick-win’ tasks faster than ever before. Watch them fade away beautifully as you strike them off and send them to your Completed Tasks View. Switch back to your Canvas to see the positive impact your progress has had on your project’s bigger picture.

Our latest update has been designed to save you space and time when using DropTask. We want to give you the option to work in a way that best suits you. Let us know how you are enjoying our new-look tasks and the benefits that you’re getting from a smarter layout. Stay tuned for more productivity power-ups from new DropTask features, coming soon.

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20 Responses to Smarter layouts – making space for greater productivity

  1. raoul says:

    Hello, the project filter does not work anymore in the Calendar view

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Hi Raoul,
      Sorry that this is happening for you – if you get in touch with our support team, they’ll be able to look into why. Drop them an email via support@droptask.com.
      Many thanks,

  2. ANGEL Minnis says:

    Love it… Love it… Love it!

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Thanks, Angel! We’re so pleased you’re loving our latest update. We’ve got more to come too.

  3. Torgeir Paulsen says:

    Very sensible, practical and space efficient…just make sure it doesn’t start looking too much like Microsoft Teams Planner. We wouldn’t want that, would we?

    We’ve been using Droptask for several years, and there is really only one function we are missing : When reviewing team progress in Canvas-view, we would like to see also completed tasks (for example in a greyed out fashion). Now we can just see remaining tasks, and not admire the efforts done since last meeting. As it is now, we tend to set progress to 95%, just to be able to visualize what have been done. The finished task view, sorted by date (and not category) does not work for us. We need to see finished tasks together with remaining tasks, categorized.

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Hi Torgeir,
      Thanks for your comment! Really pleased you’re liking the new update, and no, we would not want to look too much like any other tool.
      We are with you on the Completed Tasks idea and would urge you to keep an eye out for another update coming very soon…
      Glad you and your team are enjoying DropTask!
      Thanks again for getting in touch,

  4. Katz Green says:

    Woohooo nice one guys and gals!

  5. Sarah says:

    I was a great droptask fan – until now. I spent a lot of time in adjusting my task so that it fits my needs. With the new layout it’s all gone!

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Hi Sarah,
      We definitely don’t want to lose you as a fan. What view have you experienced this in?
      If you drop our customer service team an email on support@droptask.com, they’ll be able to help you get back to where you want to be using our new layouts.
      Many thanks,

  6. Gordon macrae says:

    Like new calendar, but font should be stronger and bigger. Colours are also insipid
    Urgency list doesn’t work for me as I have six types of task. I sort by tags and it would be great if we could get a summary list sorted by tag
    To be the clear leader you need to include appointments in the calendar, I create pseudo tasks as events and use the very urgent tag to differentiate. I would also like dividers to create morning, afternoon etc
    Email transfer is still poor, would like drop and drag, and to see the task initially not just the notification
    This app has the potential to be the best for my particular workflow

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Hi Gordon,
      Thanks for your feedback – it’s always great to get an insight into how people use DropTask.
      Your suggestions are really strong, I will be passing them on to our development team. There’s a lot of development going on right now, so it’s a great time to receive feedback like yours.
      Many thanks again for taking the time to respond to our blog.

  7. July A Perez says:

    Guys, I really like the update, Good Work.
    I’m hoping that you include in the new upcoming updates the ability to use Kanban in workflow and keep the Categories you create in the Canvas View, Right now you either create the KANBAN Columns (Backlog, InProgess, Done,etc) as Categories Names or you create Others Categories but I cannot Switch back from one to another.

    Thanks Again for all your efforts in this update.

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Hi July,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying our latest update.
      How we would usually do this, is make our categories “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done” etc. and then make use of tags and filters to further categorize our associated tasks.
      Do you feel this could work for your projects?
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

      • July A Perez says:

        I’ve done it like that before but it looses the real meaning of the visual appealing on the Canvas view ” Being able to see your task grouped by Categories”, for example if I’m working in a Renovation it’s imperative to see in Canvas view how each task belong to a part of the House or a Bigger Task. Using Tags and Filters all my task will be grouped always under Backlog, NextUp, Done, etc. I Understand that the Workflow view (KANBAN) has to be something totally independent from the CANVAS View but at the same time related, and that we can switch back and forward from “Seeing the task by my Categories” and Seeing the task by the Kanban Categories”. Right now I have to rely on other tools to be able to replicate that, which is kind of annoying. Or if I want to use Droptask, I either have to go using KANBAN (And forget about the appealing of grouping my task under my categories) or use CANVAS with my categories (And don’t use the advantages of KANBAN workflow)

        • Natalie Rowley says:

          Hi July,
          Yes, I can see how you would use the two different views that way. I will pass this on to our developers for consideration.
          Thanks for the extra details, it’s always great to gain insight into how people work.
          Kind regards,


    Great Improvement! – Any tips for the size of the image so it looks great in all devices?

    • Natalie Rowley says:

      Hi Rafael, good question…
      When the cover image is expanded on a block-shaped task, the size we show is 400×230. The closer the image is to that ratio, the better.
      Thanks again for getting in touch – hope this helps!

  9. naveenbalaji says:

    Looking for easy sync up between Imindmap and dropdask esp update/overwrite