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September 4, 2018

Back to School with Ayoa: Easy as ABC

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Ayoa, Lifestyle.

Ayoa | Back to School with Ayoa: Easy as ABC
As we start to welcome in the cooler autumn breeze, you may be preparing for the start of a brand new school term. After an unwinding summer, it can be difficult initially to focus on what work you have to organise and prepare in time for when the bell rings. However, this doesn’t have to be a chore.

With Ayoa, you can stay organised and productive in a fun, engaging and easy way. Whether you’re writing your lesson plans or organising homework deadlines, Ayoa will help you to stay on top of your goals for a stress-free school year.

To help you jump back into classroom life, take a look at these 3 ways to set yourself up for success this term. Before you know it, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make this term your most productive yet – it’s as easy as A B C!

Ayoa mind mapping lesson plan

A – Assess priorities with Mind Maps

Ayoa Mind Maps allows you to turn your thoughts into meaningful and easy-to-navigate plans. Radiating, colourful branches will help you to build a concise overview of even the most detailed projects. Use Mind Maps to organise your lesson plans and map out your aims for the term. Add a personal touch by uploading your own images to your branches, which could reflect one of your lessons or subjects. Then use keywords to expand on your plan with further details, such as assignment deadlines or exams, in a structured and visual format.

Give your Mind Map extra power by including any resources you’ll need, such as web links, documents, audio files and more. This will give you access to everything you’ll need within one workspace, turning your Mind Map into your own personal resource centre. To keep your project from feeling cluttered, these resources will remain hidden until clicked. This dynamic view will keep the surface of your project clean and clear, but packing a hidden punch that gives you further control over what you want to view.

Ayoa mind mapping lesson brainstorm

B – Brainstorm to gather your ideas

Have fun with your ideas and visually represent your thoughts using Ayoa’s innovative features. Your creativity will know no bounds with Ayoa Mind Map’s infinite and adaptable canvas, which will allow your imagination to flourish. Bring your ideas to life by adding images and colors to you Map, so you can keep your thoughts and workspace clear and pinpoint your focus. This unique view provides a flexible space for you to gather together lots of ideas, which you can easily categorise in a way that makes sense to you.

Ayoa Mind Maps can be ideal for gathering your own thoughts, but why not bring it into the classroom for a brainstorming session with your classmates or pupils? Visual learning is renowned for helping us to process information. Boost memory, creativity and productivity within your classes by taking people’s ideas and dropping them into the Map for everyone to see.

Ayoa mind mapping lesson brainstorm

C – Classrooms brought to life with presentations

We all know the feeling of sitting through a dull presentation, trying to stay focused and absorb a stream of information. With Ayoa Mind Maps, you can show off your work in style and in a completely unique way, which is sure to grab and hold the attention of your students or classmates.

Getting your first presentation idea down can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. Take away any mind blanks and get your presentation off the ground by using the Mind Maps feature to instantly build an engaging presentation. Try Ayoa’s Autohide feature to focus your attention on specific areas. Simply select the branches you want to view, and Autohide will hide away the rest of your Map. Ideal for larger maps, or presenting your ideas to others, Autohide means you can tuck away different areas until you need them, drawing your audience’s attention to the points you’re discussing.

Jump back into classroom life with Ayoa. Start your free trial of Ayoa today, and make this school year your most efficient and inventive yet!

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