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Assistive Solutions Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Assistive Solutions



With a high proportion of dyslexic HE staff, Assistive Solutions apply their experiential knowledge of dyslexia, understanding of assistive technology and development of teaching techniques to support those with disabilities.

Barry Bennett Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Barry Bennett



A family run business of over 50 years, Barry Bennett is described by many as “good people who help people”. It is also the leading supplier of DSA equipment in the UK with over 140 staff.

Concept Northern Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Concept Northern



Removing barriers which obstruct personal development is Concept Northern’s mission as Scotland’s leading assistive technology provider for people with neurological differences, impairments and mobility challenges.

Dyslexia Box Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Dyslexia Box



End-to-end disability support from workplace assessments, to assistive technology and disability awareness training, is packaged up by Dyslexia Box to provide complete support for improving the lives of people with dyslexia and other neurological differences.

Hamer Technology Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Hamer Technology



A fellow member of BATA, Hamer Technology specialises in helping those with SpLDs absorb and present information in ways which match their thinking styles through assistive technology.

Iansyst Logo

UK, Assistive Technology




Experts in consultancy, assistive technology and software training, Iansyst are adept professionals who provide both in person and remote support to people with disabilities in education and at work.

eQuality Solutions (Invate) Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

by eQuality Solutions



Invate, e-Quality Learning and Learning Labs are a group of sister companies, known as eQuality Solutions, created to help people get the most out of education and in achieving their full potential.

Microlink Logo

UK, Assistive Technology




Microlink is the UK’s leading assistive technology partner, striving to make a difference to both individuals and society as a whole by partnering with well known brands to help disabled talent thrive in the workplace.

Project Driver Logo

UK, Health Sector

Project Driver
by Front Foot Mi Ltd




Front Foot Mi Ltd specialises is helping NHS Organisations to halve their Project Management costs whilst doubling their speed of implementation.

Remtek Systems Ltd. Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Remtek Systems Ltd.



With over 2,000 5 star reviews, Remtek are specialists in providing support to students in the UK via the DSA thanks to their assistive technology and disability awareness training.

Sight and Sound Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Sight and Sound Technology



Sight and Sound Technology is the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning and reading difficulties.

Wyvern Business Systems Logo

UK, Assistive Technology

Wyvern Business Systems



Providing tailored experiences for individuals, Wyvern Business Solutions ensures that people receive the IT solutions and training they need to fulfill their potential in education and the workplace.


Meet our official European Partners

Integrale Logo





Integrale is in the business of ideas – they craft the right environments for them, they helps generate them, and they facilitate their creation into reality. With Integrale, companies find the keys to harnessing the creativity they’ve always possessed.

Phosphoriales Logo





Founded in 2019, Phosphoriales’ vocation is to promote participative innovation in organizations and territories. To this end, it strives to promote concepts, methods and tools that can make visible and audible the myriad ideas that lie dormant in the collective imagination.

UpSideUp Logo


UpSideUp, Lda.




UpSideUp was founded in 2011 and has since developed its activity on personal and enterprise development on a global scale.


Meet our official American Partners

eLuminate Logo


eLuminate Consulting



eLuminate Consulting, Inc was founded in 1998 with the intention of helping organizations explore their employees’ talents and skills especially by creating environments where creativity and innovation would flourish.

Instituto de Ensino & Inovação Logo


Instituto de Ensino & Inovação



“Everything you need in one place! We are excellence in transforming so you can always innovate!”

Originally a language school, Instituto de Ensino & Inovação discovered the power of Mind Mapping for thinking, learning, organizing and prospering.


Meet our official Asian Partners

Ayoa Korea Logo

Republic of Korea

Ayoa Korea



Ayoa Korea was established in 2017 and specializes in IT consulting and system construction of general enterprises and public institutions.

C&J Logo

Mainland China

C&J Marketing Software Co. Ltd




Suzhou C&J Marketing Software Co.Ltd was founded 2009 based on the emerging internet industry in China and is committed to promoting the legalization of commercial software in China.

Esterisk Logo

Southeast Asia

Esterisk Consulting Group



Based in Singapore, Esterisk Consulting Group (ECG) was incorporated in 2016 to provide training solutions and programme development services to corporations and education institutions.

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Paradime Logo





Harnessing digital technology for transformational innovation within businesses is Paradarime’s prowess. No matter what business process is in need of improvement – recruitment, engagement, sales – Paradime has a solution.


Meet our official African Partners

RadiantMind Logo

Southern Africa (SADC)




RadiantMind was founded in 2015 when Zaapi Mungendje embarked on a mission to help individuals, businesses and organizations in Southern Africa unleash their growth potential through Creative Thinking and Innovation.


Meet our official Middle Eastern Partners

Right Selection Logo

India, Sri Lanka & Gulf region

Right Selection



Right Selection Global Thought Leadership’s mission is to provide not only the best learning solutions, but also offer the community – fast, easy and affordable access to new ways of learning.

Zihinler FORA Logo


Zihinler FORA Training, Software and Consultancy A.Ş.



Zihinler FORA Training, Software and Consultancy Company was founded in 2021 based on mind map training. Since 2014, training has been delivered to more than 5000 people as a freelancer trainer as authorized Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor.


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