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UpSideUp Logo


UpSideUp, Lda.



info@upsideup.pt   |   +351 913 869 043


UpSideUp was founded in 2011 and has since developed its activity on personal and enterprise development on a global scale.

C&J Logo

Mainland China

C&J Marketing Software Co. Ltd





Suzhou C&J Marketing Software Co.Ltd was founded 2009 based on the emerging internet industry in China and is committed to promoting the legalization of commercial software in China.

Esterisk Logo

Southeast Asia

Esterisk Consulting Group

eric@esterisk.com   |   +65.90284770


Based in Singapore, Esterisk Consulting Group (ECG) was incorporated in 2016 to provide training solutions and programme development services to corporations and education institutions.

Limitless Logo

Republic of Korea



limitless@ayoa.co.kr   |   +82-2-353-9138


Limitless was established in 2017 and specializes in IT consulting and system construction of general enterprises and public institutions.

RadiantMind Logo

Southern Africa (SADC)



rmadmin@sadcinnovation.com   |   +264 81 128 2627


RadiantMind was founded in 2015 when Zaapi Mungendje embarked on a mission to help individuals, businesses and organizations in Southern Africa unleash their growth potential through Creative Thinking and Innovation.

Instituto de Ensino & Inovação Logo


Instituto de Ensino & Inovação




“Everything you need in one place! We are excellence in transforming so you can always innovate!”

Originally a language school, Instituto de Ensino & Inovação discovered the power of Mind Mapping for thinking, learning, organizing and prospering.

Right Selection Logo

India, Sri Lanka & Gulf region

Right Selection


gautam@rightselection.com   |   +91 98200 88305


Right Selection has a 25 years + track record of being instrumental in transforming more than a million lives in the Middle East and Indo-Asia- Pacific Regions, while inviting global experts of true wisdom to share their vision, their exquisite insights, exceptional experiences and success stories with breathtaking clarity.


Meet our official Resellers

Project Driver Logo

UK and Health Sector

Project Driver
by Front Foot Mi Ltd




07921 786 777


Front Foot Mi Ltd specialises is helping NHS Organisations to halve their Project Management costs whilst doubling their speed of implementation.


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