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February 4, 2019

Why task management is here to re-invent your to-do list

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | Why task management is here to re-invent your to-do list
If you’re looking for a better way to manage your workload, you’ve probably discovered the endless variety of to-do list apps and task management tools available to choose from. However, how do you know which one is going to truly suit your needs?
While there are plenty of to-do list apps on the market, they are still distinctly different from task and project management tools. Begin by understanding what your specific needs really are, and this will help you significantly when choosing the right tool for you. Even if you’re not currently using a task management tool, you’ve probably used a to-do list in some form; this could be notes listed in your phone or even a hand-written list in your notebook. To-do lists can be great; they’re an easy way to keep track of your tasks or things you need to remember that you can tick off as you go along. However, your to-do list can very quickly get too long and become harder to control as you continue to add more and more to the list. When it comes to managing your work projects, it’s important to make sure you can organize and keep track of your tasks so that nothing gets lost or forgotten. With the continued advancements in technology, it’s now easier than ever to have all the information you need right at your fingertips. Read on to see how a task management tool can help you organize your to-do list into a practical and interactive hub, so your tasks and reminders will never lose their place.

Do more with your to-do list

With tasks or reminders, you’ll often find you need to add extra details to give them more context. But, there are only so many notes you can add to a linear to-do list. A task management tool such as DropTask [Ayoa] will allow you to turn your to-do list into tasks and projects that you can visualize. DropTask [Ayoa] allows you to break your tasks up into color-coded categories, so you no longer have to see your to-do list as one, continuous list. You’ll probably find that your tasks naturally fall into different categories, whether they are tasks related to a work project or even your personal reminders. DropTask’s [Ayoa] Canvas View allows you to group together your tasks in an easy-to-navigate space, where you can view your workload at a glance before delving in for more details. This will help make working through your to-dos much more structured and organized. DropTask Canvas View Keeping everything you need in once space is vital to ensure your tasks stay on track. Once you have split your tasks into their different categories, you can then begin to add details such as Due Dates and Reminders, so you never lose sight of your deadlines. In DropTask [Ayoa], you also have the option to add Checklists to your work. Checklists allow you to neatly add extra steps to your tasks, so these don’t get lost amongst your other notes. These work exactly like a traditional to-do list, meaning you can still bring the structure of a conventional list to your work, whilst seeing it within the context of your main task. DropTask Checklists

Do more together

Task management tools naturally lend themselves to teamwork. Being able to collaborate with your colleagues is vital to sharing your collective knowledge on specific tasks and keeping each other driven to reach your end goals. Whilst your task management tool can be a personal space for you to organize your individual tasks, DropTask [Ayoa]also allows you to discuss your tasks with others using the Comments feature, turning your task management into a creative and collaborative hub. DropTask Comments Some tasks require more collaborative brain power than others. Once you open up a task, you can easily add comments to a task and tag colleagues to notify them of any important updates, or to discuss ideas. Using Comments within Droptask [Ayoa] will allow you to connect with others and share inspiration to help your ideas flourish. Ideal for visual thinkers, bring your to-do list to life and discover endless productivity with DropTask [Ayoa]. Try DropTask [Ayoa] for free today to unlock our features for your most efficient work yet.

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