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September 4, 2020

Say hello to our new reseller: Invate by eQuality Solutions

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Say hello to our new reseller: Invate by eQuality Solutions
We’re excited to welcome on board eQuality Solutions as an official reseller of Ayoa in the UK. Specialising in assistive technology, eQuality Solutions is made up of three sister companies – Invate, eQuality Learning and Learning Labs.

Not only is Invate an approved supplier of Ayoa, but sister company Learning Labs’ e-learning portal includes an Ayoa Lab suite which is full with over 70 Labs on how to use all the different Ayoa features. Learners can log in anytime, anywhere and remind themselves of how to use a feature, so they can get the most out of Ayoa.

Ayoa lab suite in Learning Labs portal

We spoke with the Head of Partnership Development at eQuality Solutions, Chris Collier, so they can introduce themselves and discuss their future with us here at Ayoa!

Ayoa’s Q&A with Invate by eQuality Solutions

Q: Who are Invate/eQuality Solutions and how were you founded?

A: Invate, eQuality Learning and Learning Labs, known as eQuality Solutions, were created to help people get the most out of education and in achieving their full potential in life.

Invate was founded in 2006 after CEO Chris Quickfall had recently graduated university and experienced the Disabled Students Allowance process as a dyslexic student himself. Invate was created to improve services and solutions to disabled students in higher education.

Today, Invate is recognised as a respected and long-established assistive technology solutions provider, supplying AT equipment and software tailored to individual needs across the UK.

Q: How did you discover Ayoa?

A: My role at eQS is all about staying on the pulse of the assistive technology (AT) agenda and that includes keeping up to date with the latest AT developments.

I first became aware of Ayoa as a new software available to disabled Higher Education students in receipt of Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). It instantly looked like an interesting new product that as AT suppliers, who pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve in providing the latest products, we were keen to investigate further.

Q: What made you want to become an Ayoa Reseller?

A: We understood the key benefits of Ayoa’s specialist software and how this could realistically help remove barriers to learning for disabled students in higher education, and at a much wider scale, also improve productivity for adults in the workplace.

The flexibility of the browser-based platform, its engaging and user-friendly design, plus, its visual layout options make Ayoa a stand-out mind mapping tool in the assistive technology market.

Q: What are you excited about for the future of Ayoa and Invate Ltd?

A: The best thing about software is that there are always opportunities to develop, add more content and improve even further with usability features. Ayoa is already starting from an incredible position, so the future potential of the product is very exciting.

We really feel Ayoa can support anyone in study, work and even personal life. It’s a practical organisational tool that’s enjoyable to use, so I’m keen to see where Ayoa is used in the future.

Interested in partnering with Ayoa and becoming a part of our global community? We offer a number of partnership opportunities, including our reseller scheme, affiliate scheme and also the opportunity to come on board as a global partner. To find out more, please visit our partnerships page.

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