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July 17, 2020

“A fast track to innovation learning”. Discover OpenGenius’ Online Inspire Innovation Event

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | “A fast track to innovation learning”. Discover OpenGenius’ Online Inspire Innovation Event

With COVID-19 causing a surge in remote working and learning, our mission is to continue to ensure your training development journey continues effectively.

We are very excited to have recently launched our Inspire Innovation Event and Innovative Thinking Masterclass as online options – giving you the flexibility to grow your skills remotely.

“As always, I thoroughly enjoy these types of workshops and it invigorates me to keep going.”

Last week, we held the first of our online Inspire Innovation events, hosted by Coach and Facilitator, Liz Oseland. The event attracted a global audience, with participants from Japan, Australia, China, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, USA, Canada and the UK! It was a fantastic turnout and lead to some really inspiring and engaging discussions.

As part of the workshop, delegates were introduced to the need for creativity and innovation in the workplace (based on the WEF Future of Work skills) as well as the importance of practising meta-cognition in order to engage in proactive, rather than reactive, thinking. The workshop was held via Zoom, allowing it to be a highly interactive session. Delegates took part in activities to check in on their current thinking states in order to support the importance of building these skills. Participants were also able to discuss questions, brainstorm ideas and contribute to a live, public Mind Map to foster an ‘anything is possible’ mindset.

We had some fantastic feedback from everyone who attended the workshop. Here’s what they had to say:

“A great course to get the creativity juices going again!”
“Positively engaged throughout. Liz engaged nearly 24 people exceptionally well.”
“Awakening and engaging course.”
“A great creativity injection before you revisit your strategy!”
“A fast track to innovation learning.”
“Amazing to keep your mind opening.”
“I now know what I have to do next to “get on with it.”

We’d also like to say a special thank you to our workshop leader, Liz Oseland, for an engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring workshop!

Are you interested in joining us on our next session? We’ll be bringing you more online Inspire Innovation events – to register your interest in our upcoming workshops, please email our team at training@opengenius.com to be the first to know!

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