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March 3, 2022 (Updated April 3rd, 2024)

Mind map online to stay ahead of the curve

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | Mind map online to stay ahead of the curve
As Matthew Broderick once said in the 80s movie classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.” If that was true in the 80s, then it’s even more true today. Technology has created a global economy which is predicated on speed, innovation and constant advancement.

You’d certainly be forgiven for feeling, at times, like it’s hard to tell your up from down. Whether it’s getting to know the leading issues of the day better or trailblazing your own ideas so you can be out on the leading edge of society, there is one crucial tool you need in your arsenal: online mind mapping. If you want the tips, insights and resources you need to stay ahead of the curve with online mind mapping – you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more.

Find solutions

Needless to say, one of the best ways you can stay ahead of the curve is to find better solutions to your problems – and come up with those solutions faster than you would have done before. Complexities, problems and challenges are a natural part of life, it’s the way that we deal with them which really defines us. In fact, to be in a truly trailblazing mindset, you should try seeing every problem as a challenge to help you overcome and grow. Mind mapping online allows you to unpick even the trickiest of problems so that you can move forward with an innovative solution.

Of course, mind mapping by hand can be a powerful tool, too, but when mind mapping online you have the advantage of speed and security. Your mind map can never go missing when stored online. Even if you’re working across multiple days you can pick up where you left off the day before with ease and all the speed facilitated by technology. Another benefit of mind mapping online is pre-existing templates. If you’re struggling to know where to start, online mind mapping tools such as Ayoa have a whole host of templates you can start off with to make solution finding easier, and faster than ever before.

Stay abreast

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to stay on top of the latest trends, books and cutting-edge knowledge? We’ve all met those people who seem to be experts in a variety of areas no matter how busy they are elsewhere in their life. Staying ahead of the curve can so often mean staying abreast with current affairs, new research and other information. The problem is that consuming this information is one thing, actually remembering it is another thing entirely.

Online mind mapping is the perfect way to explore every topic in more detail than you ever could by merely taking notes. Not only will it allow you to break down complex issues into a digestible visual format, the process of mind mapping, itself, will help you to remember everything you’ve learned for longer, and in more detail. One of the huge benefits of online mind mapping specifically is that you can go back into your mind map, at any time in any place and develop it even further. Topics are not static in our fast-moving world, and online mind mapping will enable you to stay on top of things even with multiple and ongoing new developments.

Stop settling

Have you ever met an entrepreneur? If you have, you’ll know that they have a different way of seeing the world. Where most people see dead ends, entrepreneurs see opportunity. This is because of a positive go-getting mindset which enables them to persevere in difficult times and ramp up the success in good ones. If you truly want to stay ahead of the curve, this is a mindset you need to adopt. You can no longer settle for average ideas or routine ways of doing things. Everything you do must be approached with vigour and creativity. Now, some people are put off by creativity. People who are scientifically and mathematically minded, in particular, see this as a skill that they can’t acquire. However, that’s an old myth. There is no such thing as “left brained” and “right brained” individuals.

Creativity is something we do, not something we innately are. Online mind mapping is the perfect way to give you the edge of all those successful entrepreneurs out there. You can build out from a central idea and ideate until you have more innovative outcomes than you can shake a stick at. And why is online mind mapping superior in this instance? Well, in addition to all of the other reasons mentioned above, using a truly cutting edge tool like Ayoa can superboost your innovation even further than is typical through its addition of AI. By asking questions and finding related ideas you can add rocket boosters to your sprinting trainers. Plus, Ayoa provides the perfect format for you to present those winning ideas at the end of the process. With online mind mapping, you never need to fall behind the curve again.

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Caragh Medlicott

Caragh Medlicott is a freelance writer and interim Editor of Wales Arts Review. After graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University she began a full-time writing career in Wales. She is the author of several published short stories and was shortlisted for the Lunate 500 award in December 2020, and a finalist in Narrative’s 30 Below competition in 2021. She is a regular contributor to BBC Wales' The Review Show.

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