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December 10, 2018

Ho Ho Ho-w to Organize Your Office Christmas with DropTask [Ayoa]

by Megan Sylvester posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | Ho Ho Ho-w to Organize Your Office Christmas with DropTask [Ayoa]

From parties and Secret Santa, to office trees and booking days off, the festive period is a busy time of the year where planning can never start too soon. Think DropTask is just for managing work-related tasks and meetings? Think again! Read on to discover handy tips on how to organize all your office festivities this year with DropTask. The first step is to add a new ‘Christmas’ project using DropTask’s Canvas View. Then, create all your different categories within the project such as the party, Secret Santa, the food menu etc. Within these category bubbles, you’ll be able to add tasks for each festive activity on your to-do list. Be sure to invite everyone in the office to your project so they can participate in the festive planning.

The Party

You’ve talked about nothing else for weeks, but now it’s time to get things in gear and start planning the much-anticipated office Christmas party. Within your Christmas DropTask [Ayoa] project, start by creating a task titled ‘Attendees’; project-members can add themselves into the bubble if they hope to be able to attend the event. This will give you a good idea of numbers so that budgets can be calculated and a location can be chosen – add these as two more tasks to get you started.

Party Attendees - DropTask

Don’t forget to set Due Dates to ensure everything is organized on time. With Notifications to remind you of upcoming deadlines, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the festivities. Since all project members will be able to see who is responsible for each task, there’ll be no overlaps in responsibility and no one will end up without their Christmas feast!

The Menu

And now for the main event… the food. Assign someone the responsibility of coming up with menu options. Create a category with food options as tasks. Then, vote! Everyone will be able to choose their favourite food by dragging their DropTask [Ayoa] avatar onto the corresponding task. By knowing food choices in advance, you’ll be able to pre-order at the restaurant or with the caterer, as well as ensuring you’re catering to everyone’s needs.

Food Choice - DropTask

Deck the halls

Time to get your office into the festive spirit. Tinsel, wreaths, and fairy lights galore! Once you’ve decided on the day you’ll decorate the office, set this as the due date for all the tasks in this category. Assign someone to bring in mince pies for the event for a more festive feel. Or, get colleagues to drop their favourite festive snacks into the bubble, and then people can pick and choose from the list when they go shopping.

Decorating the Office Due Date - DropTask

Where’s everyone gone?

After the party and all the other festivities, the office can seem like a bit of a ghost town. Why not use DropTask’s [Ayoa] clever assigning feature to indicate who is off during key days? This will give you an instant visual on who isn’t in office so you don’t have to keep scrolling through the office calendar. With a clear overview of availability, you’ll have more realistic expectations of workloads and task completion dates.

Days Off - DropTask

So, with the office decorated, the menu selected, and the party planned to perfection, you’ll be ready to enjoy all the festivities knowing everything is taken care of.

Ready for your most impressively organized office Christmas yet? Try DropTask [Ayoa] for free today to get started.

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