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April 7, 2021 (Updated July 18th, 2023)

Document Management Mind Map to Get Organised

by ayoaredux posted in Mind Mapping, Organize.

Ayoa | Document Management Mind Map to Get Organised
Our users are always coming up with ingenious ways to use the Ayoa software that continue to surprise us. Mind mapping is often called the ‘swiss army knife for the brain’, with hundreds of ways to use them to your benefit. Today we’re talking about just one, though, and that’s creating a document management system.

What is a document management system?

This is a system that allows you to effectively store, track, and manage documents. It helps you reduce paper waste, clutter, and stress. Gone are the days of terrifying filing cabinets, but many people still end up with messy digital document folders, their files too deep in digital space to be found again. If this is you, fear not. We’ll talk you through an easy document management system that you’ll actually enjoy using. Let’s get started…

Creating an effective document management mind map

An effective document management system makes use of the collapsing branches feature of Ayoa. By creating one mind map to represent all tiers of the system, you can visually navigate your way to any file very quickly. Within each mind map the branches represent the different folders. You can jump down the tiers of the system (to other mind maps), and finally to the files themselves, which are inserted on every branch.

Links to files or websites can be inserted very easily by clicking on any branch and selecting the attachments icon to insert a link. Once the attachment window opens you can either choose weblinks, or select files and browse to the file’s location. Once selected this file will be attached to the branch and the blue attachment icon will appear on it.

Here’s how it’s done….

Step 1

Your central idea is the title of the whole folder system. Here we have a marketing example, but this can apply to any area of life or business. Each of the branches represent folders with their own files in them. By having branches collapsed, it’s a clean visual space that is easy to navigate.

Mind map structure

Step 2

To jump down to the next level, simply expand the folder’s branch and the next set of folders will open up, keeping you focused while still allowing you to navigate anywhere within the system.

expand branches in ayoa

Step 3

Opening this up again gives you the final tier of the system – the branches that are representative of specific files, names accordingly. Each of these have links or documents attached to them, so that they are always accessible through Ayoa.

attach files and documents

Step 4

From here, you can click on any link on the branches and Ayoa will open up the specific file you need. You can even add links to other mind maps, allowing your movement from branch to branch, file to file, idea to idea, to never stop moving!

This is a simple and logical system for locating files within a large organisation. It can save employees valuable time usually spent searching, and streamlining the whole process in a unique way.

You don’t need to be an international corporation to try out a similar system. The simple idea of linking maps and files to visually represent your computer’s folders can be applied anywhere. Why not organise your personal computer so you can quickly and easily find documents on finance, holidays, events or health. If you’re a student, what better way to sort your work into subjects, then topics, modules, assignments, revision?

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