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December 9, 2020

“Ayoa hits the nail on the head” – Case study with Five at Heart

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Case Studies.

Ayoa | “Ayoa hits the nail on the head” – Case study with Five at Heart
Five at Heart are a team far bigger than five, and their heart is definitely larger considering their worldwide mission. Operating across three continents – Australasia, North America, and Europe – Five at Heart aim to enable people to get to work in a greener and more environmentally friendly way, whether it be by cycling or running.

To play their part in this mammoth task, they design, consult upon, produce, and install products, as well as provide ongoing services which make the end of those eco-friendly commutes viable.

In a world littered with car-laden cities, devising these types of solutions requires a lot of creative thinking and flexibility – which is why Five at Heart began to use Ayoa.

Harry McDonald, Chief of Chaos and Control at Five at Heart, knows this better than anyone as he is responsible for the company’s central processes, making them more efficient, and sourcing ways for the company to grow. Harry recently shared with us why Ayoa has proved invaluable for him and his team as they look outside the box to find the best way to do things.

Five at Heart case study

Harry said:

“We first came across Ayoa when searching for a creative tool which incorporated mind mapping as we all love generating ideas, but what is important to us is being able to challenge normal ways of thinking. We knew that with mind maps at our disposal, it meant all of our thoughts would be laid bare visually for us to assess and scrutinise.

Thanks to Ayoa being digital, and us operating across different continents yet working on collaborative projects, this enabled us to use the mind mapping technique which we wanted to employ. The instant real-time collaboration of Ayoa gave us the opportunity to bring together different stakeholders to share their ideas.

It worked exactly as we expected because the word-scarce nature of mind maps forces people to get to the essence of what they are wanting to say, whereas in documents, they might end up faffing around and hiding behind words. Ayoa’s speed maps, in particular, enabled this because at a click of a button a new branch is there for you to type into – no need to drag and drop. Not only has Ayoa made us more instinctive and direct in our creative processes, it’s also made us more productive.

In addition to helping us with our ideas and the reviewing of processes, we’ve also drawn upon the visual nature to produce a mind map we call “The Whole Thing”. It is a massive mind map visually reflecting all of the resources within our Google Drive folders and how they link together. The Google Drive integration within Ayoa made this possible and we now use it to access all our resources rather than the drive directly because it makes everything far clearer.

Overall, Ayoa is a very useful collaborative tool, which in comparison to other mind mapping software out there, hits the nail on the head when it comes to creating ideas and reviewing processes.”

Ayoa aims to make app-switching a thing of the past! Discover the wide range of features and integrations available in Ayoa – making it the perfect tool for remote and distributed teams.

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