Ayoa: innovating everyday

In the spirit of innovation, productivity and flexibility, Ayoa has been busy evolving since it began its mission in 2019 to unlock people’s thinking potential.

Discover what’s changed along the way.

Ayoa - all in one creativity and productivity app

Flexible, intuitive, colorful, visual

That’s what you will find in Ayoa’s mind maps, task boards and whiteboards, gifting you with a full-suite of mind map inspired tools to do your best work!

Canvas view

Canvas view

Display tasks and projects in this colorful bubble canvas that’s sure to inspire creativity.

Radial maps

Radial map

This pie-chat style map is perfect for setting goals or visualizing the steps in a project.



Visualize any project in Ayoa’s digital whiteboard view using sticky notes, annotations and more.

Capture maps

Capture Maps

Capture ideas as quickly as they enter your brain to explore endless possibilities.

Organic mind maps

Organic maps

Super-creative organic mind maps use adjustable, curved branches to support your natural thinking processes.

Kanban workflow

Kanban board

Move tasks through a process all the way to completion with our Kanban-style workflow view.

Team pulse

Team view

Get a quick overview of team availability and see what everyone’s working on in Ayoa’s team pulse.

Gantt charts

Gantt chart

For projects where time is of the essence, use gantt timeline view to effectively monitor task progress.


Discover it all in Ayoa!

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No longer imagine what you can achieve,
visualize and do it all with:



The world’s only mind maps with AI


Use one of the largest deep learning networks ever created to generate unique and innovative ideas for anything you can think of.

  • Ask the right questions
  • Breeze past blocks
  • Explore new angles
  • Unlock problems
  • Mind map in full flow

*Ultimate only.







Innovation in your pocket

ayoa on every device

Where does your inspiration strike? Is it always when sat at your desk? Or is it when you’re on the move, out and about? No matter when your creativity begins to flow, be assured that Ayoa and all of your favourite mind maps will always be on hand.

Available from the Apple Store and Google Play, take the swiss-army knife of innovation with you wherever you go.




Endless expression in whiteboards

Unshackle your ideas in Ayoa’s infinite whiteboards. Invite others into a space of endless possibilities where ideas, plans and more can be shared. Whichever direction your work may take you in, why not get started in record time with Ayoa’s Template Library?

Versatile whiteboards



Ayoa's taskbar

Make your creativity a reality

The best ideas are the ones which you make happen. Never let a good idea go to waste again thanks to Ayoa’s innovation bridge known as the Task Bar. Whether inspiration strikes in a mind map or a whiteboard, seamlessly transform ideas into actionable tasks!




The gift of sharing ideas

A picture says a thousand words. That goes for not only your mind maps but also the faces of others when you share with them your mind maps for free. Light the creative spark in others by inviting them to collaborate with you in Ayoa for free!

ayoa collaborative mind mapping


Neurodiversity image

Work with your brain

From day dot, Ayoa’s design has been purposefully driven with neurodiversity in mind. Receiving accreditation from the British Dyslexia Association and the UK Government, Ayoa is supporting thousands to become a more productive version of themselves thanks to its suite of digital reasonable adjustments. Find out more about how supports neurodiversity .