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What is a Capture Map?

Do any great business ideas, topics for your blog or even just interesting thoughts come to your mind and vanish before you could work on them? You probably wish you had noted them down, but didn’t know how to. A Capture Map is the tool that can solve your problem!

These maps don’t need a central idea, they just need your ideas! What you do once you have collected all your thoughts is up to you – converting them into an organic, speed or radial map for more organised work is always an option. Randomly collect your thoughts on our unlimited mind mapping canvas, and see your entire brain all at once.



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Capture and build: as your brilliant ideas spring to mind, never let any of them go to waste. Here lies a canvas which makes space for every thought to flourish.


Think instinctively: enjoy the freedom of not being tied to one central topic so that you can explore endless possibilities in any direction from any starting point.


Uncover hidden connections: without worrying about creating sequential thoughts, once all of your ideas are out of your head to see, you will be making connections galore.


Ayoa: the essence of mind maps

In Ayoa you will find not only Capture Maps but everything you could ever imagine when it comes to mind mapping! Edit colours, add images, and even add fun emojis to fire up your creativity. Organise your ideas how you see fit by switching between Capture, Radial, Organic, and Speed mind maps in a simple click. Promote your ideas from mind maps into tasks which inspire action.

Plus, with the brain being able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, your friends, family and colleagues will love working in Ayoa’s mind maps alongside you. Especially when you can notify each other of ideas via comments, deliver presentations, try out artificial intelligence together and more!

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Brainstorming with Capture maps


  • Put down ideas in Capture Maps to brainstorm for a project or a business plan.
  • Easily edit and update your ideas by changing and moving the thought bubbles around.
  • Bring your thoughts to life in the form of punchy words and reckon their viability.
Using Capture maps while studying


  • Put an end to the confusion about how to start studying, revising or writing essays.
  • Note everything you recall in bubbles and build on them to make revision notes.
  • Throw different ideas around your essay topic and connect them as you will.
Team work with Capture maps

Team work

  • Collaborate and plan any campaign – whether in person or virtually.
  • Clarify thoughts and insights to colleagues with images, videos and web-links.
  • Connect the dots together by bringing other people’s ideas into close proximity.
Use Capture maps in your daily life

Everyday life

  • Don’t miss out on any of your great thoughts in the daily rut of life with Capture Maps.
  • Reduce the flight risk of revolutionary ideas no matter where you are at speed.
  • Put down all your forgettable but important daily tasks so you remember everything.


Benefits of Capture Mapping

  • Promote innovation

  • Enhance creativity

  • Create knowledge bases

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