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January 24, 2022

The biggest challenges to organisations in 2022

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Ayoa, Quick Tips.

Ayoa | The biggest challenges to organisations in 2022
2022 is in full swing, but what will be the biggest challenges facing organisations this year? In our fast-changing world and ever-progressing business environment, staying ahead of the curve can feel like a full time job.

The good news is that with the right knowledge, and a plan of action to go with it, you can easily stay abreast with the challenges likely to come forth in 2022. Furthermore, add in a bit of innovative thinking and elbow-grease, and these same challenges can be used as springboards for progress! Whether it’s an increasing awareness of the climate emergency or the growing emphasis placed on inclusivity in the workplace – what are the biggest challenges facing organisations in 2022, and how can you turn them into opportunities to get ahead? Keep reading to find out more.

Meaningful inclusivity for a fairer world

The importance of inclusivity is rightly getting more air time than ever before. For too long organisations have assumed that an open minded approach is enough to undo bias and promote diversity. Even companies that have managed to instil quotas for some areas of diversity, many still find themselves lacking when it comes to “invisible” markers of difference, such as those who are neurodivergent (ND). This oversight is first and foremost an ethical issue, but it is also a misstep for organisations looking to recruit a creative workforce. Did you know that organisations like NASA specifically seek out ND individuals to work for them because of their ability to think out-of-the-box and spot patterns not always readily apparent to neurotypical individuals? That’s why hiring more ND employees is always a win-win.

How to tackle it: managing diversity has to be done fully and holistically, that means working out a practical plan in terms of HR, but also supporting the diversity which already exists within your team. After all, part of the problem for neurodivergent individuals isn’t just getting a job, but finding one in which they feel supported enough to stay and thrive. When you consider that one in seven people are neurodivergent, then it’s pretty much a given that many people already within your ranks also fall under the ND umbrella (whether diagnosed or not). You can make these employees more comfortable, and become more appealing to prospective ND professionals, by using work tools that are accessible to everyone (rather than relying on ND-only software which can be alienating). Check out more information on tools for supporting neurodiversity in the workplace here.

Stifled creativity in a world of remote work

For almost two years, the pandemic has made hybrid and remote work a necessity whether we like it or not. Plenty of good things have come along with this, including an increase in productivity and (when handled correctly!) better work-life balance. However, as our second consecutive year of home work gets underway, more and more employees are beginning to feel the strain of lacking creativity. Weighed down by Zoom fatigue and without the sparks of IRL interaction, a dearth of innovation looks set to plague the virtual workplace in 2022. While some businesses have scraped by until now, this year the creative pinch will really be felt. After all, any organisation is only as good as its best ideas.

How to tackle it: to manage the creativity gap in your in-person and remote workplace, look at introducing creativity into the daily work processes. The same way you might have regular morning check-ins or progress report – along with frameworks to make those meetings productive (whether a run through of the daily to-dos or KPIs) – try using creativity tools to the same end. To brainstorm effectively while working remotely you should look at using a live and stimulating digital tool. Ayoa offers shared mind mapping functionality which can be accessed by your whole team, whether on a Zoom meeting or added to throughout the day. Plus, if you’re still feeling a little rusty in the creativity department, innovation experts, OpenGenius, have the perfect tonic with their Creativity Workshops. Delivering high-energy alongside practical innovation strategies which will resonate for meetings to come in your team, creativity will be restored as if it had never gone.

Staying green amidst the climate crisis

Climate change is happening at an alarming rate, and you can expect tackling its impact to be on the agenda for organisations not only in 2022, but many more years to come. When it comes to making a difference and limiting our carbon footprint we all have a part to play. As larger collectives with greater responsibilities, organisations – in particular – have a responsibility to be eco-minded in 2022. After all, this will be an area of interest for respective employees, clients and stakeholders. It’s no wonder some of the world’s biggest and most well-known companies are working towards being more eco-friendly. Whether it’s Ikea responsibly sourcing its wood and cotton or Amazon’s pledge to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2040.

How to tackle it: there are numerous ways organisations can go about being more eco-friendly. From the big scale to the smaller scale, the important thing to remember is that you should only make commitments you can stick to, and don’t forget to make it fun! In addition to overall organisational targets, you might also want to do sponsored cycle or walk-to-work days for those periods you’re working in office. Companies can also seek out greener energy suppliers and look to be on top of their game when it comes to recycling and plastic-free office materials. If you’re looking to do something really unique when working remotely, why not come up with something novel of your own. Ayoa’s AI-powered mind mapping has helped countless businesses solve problems and find new ideas – why should becoming more eco-friendly be any different? So sign up, get engaged, and get brainstorming – and your organisation can play a part in a better, greener world in 2022.

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Caragh Medlicott

Caragh Medlicott is a freelance writer and interim Editor of Wales Arts Review. After graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University she began a full-time writing career in Wales. She is the author of several published short stories and was shortlisted for the Lunate 500 award in December 2020, and a finalist in Narrative’s 30 Below competition in 2021. She is a regular contributor to BBC Wales' The Review Show.

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