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Unseen but not unspoken: giving a voice to neurodiversity

Neurological differences aren’t visible but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be acknowledged. Neurodivergent individuals often have unique abilities, and learning to celebrate them is a key part of integrating cultural acceptance.

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Case Studies Neurodiversity

Case study: A neuro-inclusive solution for small businesses

Discover how the neurodiverse team at website accessibility agency, KreativeInc, uses Ayoa to manage their daily work and share their vision with clients.

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3 top tips for beating procrastination

Doing good work is satisfying, and it gives us drive and purpose in our daily lives. That considered, why do so many of us fall into the trap of procrastination? Discover our top three tips for beating procrastination for good.

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Learning to celebrate difference through dyslexia

When it comes to embracing cognitive differences, the business world is still catching up. And for those with dyslexia, finding their place in the working world can be a challenge. Discover why our one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment needs a refresh.

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